Pimped Up Toyota Yaris SR Review

It's only slightly pimped. It was like that when I bought it. I'm not the type of person that pimps up my car. Not that there's anything wrong with modifying a car, not if it's done properly anyway. I've had a few small cars within my time as a driver and none of them have been as well equipped or as solid as this Toyota Yaris. It's a 1.3 SR (Year 2000), so not as good as the 1 litre on petrol, but it's still quite impressive.

Yaris SR Blue

Would or should I have got the 1 litre version to save a little more money on mainly petrol and insurance. Yeah, I would have but I'm glad I didn't. I didn't have much to spend on a car so was happy to have snapped up this X Reg Yaris up for well under a grand. The 1.3 SR is a bit faster a has a bit of nicer trim than the standard 1 litre versions. I liked the look of this car and that's what first attracted me to it. It's only an insurance group 5 so still quite cheap to insure.

Toyota Coupe

I'm pretty sure the previous owner had it lowered. I didn't really notice at the time of buying the car but lately when look at the car at the front from afar it does look like it's been lowered. The car didn't come with the log book but I now have one in my name and the car is completely HPI clear.


So what can I say about this car. Well, it's nice to drive and it's very reliable. Got through it's last MOT just needing new brakes and pads. Although it does now need a new petrol filler pipe fitted. Thankfully it's a cheap and easy job, and considering the car is now 14 years old, I'd say by looking at the pipe that this is the first time the filler pipe has needed replacing so it's lasted a long time. Other than that the cars been superb. Very smooth and tight to drive even with over 100k on the clock.


I did say the car was slightly pimped up, and it is. There is this switch on the dashboard (Pictured Above). I wasn't sure what it was for to begin with. Turns out it's a turbo booster. Makes the Yaris change from a decent little run around with moderate acceleration into a 250BHP Pocket Rocket once pressed.

LED Lights In Footwells Car Auto UK

Just kidding. It only lights up the foot wells..Turns them Blue. The previous owner fitted L.E.D lights. It's not used much by me but is a great help if you drop something in the foot well or under the seat. Or if you want to show off a bit to your mates. Looks pretty cool. Overall a great car. Review your car

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