RoyPow J18 Car Jump Starter

RoyPow J18 Car Jump Starter

New Model Available - 900A 18000mAh

There seems to be no end as to where the limit is reached when it comes to Car Jump Starters. Every month there is a new, more powerful product hitting the shelves that blows everyone away with its sheer brute force ability to start seriously big engines. Over the years there have been some highly rated jump starters. Most of the more powerful ones are huge. But some portable examples are still very capable.

The RoyPow is a little different however. Yes, it is one of the most powerful to hit the shops so far, but it also has some new design features that not many of its potential competitors can boast about having. This product is super tough. The RoyPow J18 is kitted out with IP66 Protection. That means it's a bit like the Terminator, extremely hard to kill! With IP66 you get a product that is built to last and can withstand considerable punishment. It's waterproof, dust proof and shockproof. The casing is very robust.

RoyPow J18 Car Jump Starter

 New Model Available - 900A 18000mAh

Aside from that, got a car, van or truck with a humongous engine? This is the Jump Starter you need. It is capable of starting literally any car, and most bigger vehicles. RoyPow state that it will start-up to an 8 Litre petrol engine and a 5 Litre Diesel. So, this product even falls into motor home turf. Needless to say, if you've got a 2.5 Litre Diesel Van, or something like a gas guzzling 4.0 Litre Jaguar XK8, this jumper will be able to start it with no problem what so ever.

Of course, with all portable jump starters these days, they can charge and power other electrical items too. Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Mini Vacuums etc. In fact, anything that has a compatible connection (USB - auxiliary socket etc) They don't just help start cars anymore! Like the reviews for the DBPOWER 1200A Portable Car Jump Starter prove. People take them everywhere, especially camping.

 Other impressive features include a bright, versatile lighting system, which can act as emergency lighting if you find yourself with a flat tyre or stuck in the middle of nowhere with a car that won't start. Or just offer a much-needed light source for a variety of different situations. The lights have 3 different colours (Red, White and Green), and three different modes of operation, Torch, SOS and intermittent flashing.

The RoyPow J18 also boasts a very fast charge time (Smart Ai) compared to other models. To top it off, it also has some all important safety features built-in to the device. Spark protection and short-circuit prevention.

The package comes in a nice little storage bag with a multitude of accessories. Cigarette lighter to USB converter, mains plug with USB connections, 3 in 1 connector to USB, and a few different sized USB cables (mini, micro etc). This product does cost a little more to buy, but it is one of the best out there right now. Reviews are excellent.

Cheaper Car Body Repairs In Birmingham

Hopefully you never need to get your cars body repaired. But, seeing that you've ended up on this particular post, chances are that you're probably looking for information about car body repairs in Birmingham. Well, let me just give you the bad news first. Wherever you are in the UK, Birmingham, London, Manchester or anywhere else, it is expensive. I've recently had some really bad luck with cars.


Within one month two of my cars have been crashed into while parked. One, a Yaris, had to be written off, and the new one, a Hyundai Getz Sport, needed a new front wing. From looking at the damage (In the picture above), I thought the dented, slightly crumpled panel wasn't that bad and could be pulled out quite easily by a professional. I was wrong. Every place I took the car to said the same thing, in no uncertain terms, and without any hesitation, the whole wing needed to be replaced.


Some of the prices (Quotes) I got were almost unbelievable. One was so expensive that it actually would have cost more than I paid for the car! Other quotes I got back, although not as much as that one, were still expensive (£350+). This seemed extortionate for what needed replacing. For a lot of these types of jobs, most of the money a repair shop charge seems to be for the labour. In my case, the non-OEM front wing for my car costs £25 - £30.

Out with the old

The journey to finding that part and getting it fitted gave me a little insight into the world of car body repairs. In terms of having it's fair share of shady geezers like you get in the used car industry, the car body repair business seems very similar. You have to be pretty careful who you get to complete the work. Just have a browse online and you will read some serious horror stories.

Everything from the part not being fitted properly, to the part colour not matching the rest of the car, and even cars being returned to their owners more damaged than what they went in the garage! Some of the nightmare story's I have read weren't all from back street garages either. A majority were from supposedly reputable, well-known company's. I'll mention no names.

All sorted

Thankfully, I got lucky. I managed to stumble across a place that doesn't do much in the way of advertising or getting their name out there. But they should because they done a great job with my car. And they beat all the previous quotes by a considerable amount of money.

 No signs of a bump

Hopefully I never have to get any more bodywork done in the future, but if I do my first point of call will be Walmley Auto Repair. They are located at Unit 3, Warwick House Industrial Estate, Forge Lane, Minworth, B76 1AH. If you're in the Birmingham area and need some bodywork doing give them a call and get a free quote. Ring Paul on: 07496748888. Tell them Car Auto sent you.

Car Scrap Value Hits Rock Bottom

After enjoying several years of really good scrap value prices, and maybe even taking them for granted a little, the price of scrap metal has hit a very low point. Basically rock bottom. I recently found this out the hard way when my car was written off and had to be sold for scrap. Really, the car was way too good for the scrap yard, and if I kept it for breaking and sold the parts individually, I could have gotten considerably more money in the long run. But breaking a car and selling the parts off one by one is a long process, and I didn't have the time for that.

So then the research began.. I know the car has to be scrapped, and I wasn't expecting to get big money, but I still wanted to get the best price possible. I tried many online "Instant quote for your scrap car" websites in my area and beyond, and the average price was shocking. Most of the time I was offered between £25 - £35! OK, it isn't the heaviest car in the world, but bear in mind, this is a Toyota Yaris SR with Alloy wheels, and I believe the overall weight of the vehicle is around 1 ton. Twenty Five Quid! That price is just unbelievable. The worst price I got quoted was £17!


After getting over the shock and then doing a lot of searching online, I managed to find a few places that were willing to pay a little bit more for the car. One offered me £46, which is still low but decent compared to the current rate. Armed with this higher offer, I then told this price to another company I made contact with and they bettered it slightly and offered me £50.

I knew from all the research I had been doing that I wasn't going to get much more than this so I accepted their offer. I remember a few years back when I was getting offered £120+ for a Ford KA. I believe the low scrap prices in the UK have something to do with the fall in demand for certain metals world-wide, particularly in China. Hopefully scrap prices recover before I need to scrap another car.

How To Open Gas Petrol Cap Hyundai Getz

Despite setting out to get another small Japanese car due to my last car, a Toyota Yaris SR, being written off because someone crashed into the back of it while it was parked, I recently ended up buying a used Hyundai Getz Sport. Reviews for this car are really good, and a lot of buyers never set out to buy one, they just stumbled upon one and bought it. Just like I have done! However, owners seem pleasantly surprised by how reliable they are. So after reading the reviews I thought, why not give Hyundai a go. It's a nice car, very smooth, and I guess time will tell in order to see how reliable my one is.


Surprisingly, the Hyundai Getz' petrol cap opener / release button is in the same location as it is in the Toyota Yaris. The little lever / button located at the bottom of the driver's seat (Right side UK - Left side USA) needs to be pulled up from underneath to release the petrol cap from its lock. See picture above. When I bought a Yaris I didn't think to ask the seller where this button was, and as a result struggled to find it when I needed to fill up. This time with the Getz I did ask the seller and hopefully this post will help a few people who are having a hard time finding it.

Silver 1byone Car Battery Booster Pack

When a product line has fierce competition it forces the competing companies to keep on producing new and improved products. In some ways this is good news for the buyers because constant improvement means the products just keep getting better and better. But it can get somewhat expensive if your someone who likes to have the latest model to keep up with the times and see what all the fuss is about. It's not really needed though as the older models are still more than capable.

The newer the product, the more advanced and error free it should be. Thankfully, most of the time that is the case. The previous 1byone is / was a big hitter in the market place, offering lots of power and versatility. And also being very well made.

Silver 1byone Car Battery Booster Pack

The reviews reflect its overall quality and effectiveness very well for getting the job done when it's needed. Hopefully its never needed! People love the latest and greatest on the market, and high-capacity plays a big role in this when it comes to portable car battery boosters. With so many other Jump Starters coming out which are more powerful, and have a user rating almost just as good as the original 1byone, it was time for an upgrade. And this new model is impressive.

New Model Quick Specification


  • 800 Amp Peak Current
  • 16000 mAh Internal Battery Pack
  • Built-In LED Torch with 3 different modes
  • Charge electrical devices via USB (Smartphones, Laptops etc)
  • 5V / 1A, 5V / 2.1A, 19V / 3.5A compatibility
  • Fully operation under extremely cold temperatures (Max -40)
  • Built-In damage protection / prevention
  • Can charge itself
  • Fool Proof to operate
  • Mains and car charger (+ charging accessories)
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Storage Case

This new, modern looking,12V1byone beats 95% of its competitors when it comes to capacity and raw power. It has a massive 800 Amp Peak Current and a 16000 mAh. The 800 Amp Peak is one of the highest on the market at this price. It has two very highly rated competitors, which are the Anypro and the DBPower DJS30 (And they are great devices by the way). They each have a 600 Amp Peak Current. So if you have a large vehicle with a big engine, you will want the highest Peak Amp. 600A is adequate for the majority of bigger engines. But with 800A, it's the silver 1byone that is no doubt the clear winner here.

 The built-in battery capacity is right up there too. It has one of the highest out there. However, the DBPower DJS30 has a 16500mAh power pack and the Anypro has 15000mAh. So the new 1byone sits nicely in the middle. All of them have a huge capacity and are capable of starting your vehicle (Upto 5L petrol & 3L Diesel) numerous times. And of course, don't forget that Portable Jump Starters can also charge electrical devices that have use a USB port for charging, such as Smartphones, Tablets and laptops.

The 1byone Car Battery Booster can also re-charge itself by using your own car battery while the two are connected together, meaning that it always gets a bump of extra reserves, ensuring there is some power remaining should you need to jump-start your car again but are not able to plug the unit into the mains to give it a charge. And also very helpful if you didn't take, or don't have access to your car charger, (Plugs into the cigarette lighter / auxiliary socket) this clever feature is a life saver.

The size of this device hasn't really been changed or improved. Of course, the design is space aged! But like the rest of the models, it is rather large in the hand, as you can see by the picture. But it's not exactly huge. And this size is a big improvement over how big jump starters were a few years back. It's small enough to easily stash in the boot or under a car seat. A really good jump starter that sits at the top of the tree when it comes to features, power, but also price.

Portable Jump Starter For a 3 Litre Car

Portable jump starter for a 3 litre car. The Anypro 600A Portable Jump Starter has been mentioned on a previous post on this website. New models are now available, and it looks like some of the the newer products have close to the same battery capacity and has an excellent review score. A lot of people need that extra power due to owning bigger vehicles like large litre diesel cars, vans, and even small to medium sized motor homes. And to take out the guess-work and have peace of mind it does make sense to just buy one of the most powerful jump starters that also has excellent customer feedback and be done with it.

Portable Jump Starter For a 3 Litre Car
The Anypro 600A gives the peace of mind that comes with having something with such power that, as long as it has some power left (a quarter of its power pack capacity) in most cases there isn't any question of "Will it jump-start the car", but rather, when do I need to use it to start the car. This is one of the more heavy-duty jump starters. The Anypro can easily jump-start a 3 Litre car / vehicle. I'm actually selling it short a little just to be on the safe side. In fact, the Anypro (HP-1501) 600A can start a 3.5 Litre Diesel engine, or up to a 5 Litre petrol vehicle. It's an excellent unit.

The good thing about these type of products is, even though some have better reviews, better build quality, and have different car starting capabilities, peak power etc, they are all within the same price range. They mostly all have a normal white torch-light and an emergency red / orange SOS light, and come complete with many accessories.


Of course, they also have the built-in power pack that is capable of not only starting your car numerous times, but also charging electrical devices like mobile phones, hand-held gaming units, Tablets and Laptops (Has two USB ports - 12V 1A In + 19V 3.5A Out). The Anypro comes with many different adapters included for this purpose and the battery capacity (Power pack) is big at 15000mAh.

Right now, this is one of the best jump starters when you consider the price versus its sheer power and versatility. People don't just buy these units to start cars and vans. A lot of people also buy them for things like festivals, taking camping, or keeping in the caravan or car as a backup power source. A really impressive product for the money you pay.

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