MP3 Car Stereo With Bluetooth Aux + USB

What's the cheapest MP3 car stereo you can buy brand new in the UK that has Bluetooth, a USB port, Aux connection, and a TF memory card slot. After some research, it has to be the Kidcia SU-1089 Single-Din. These three features alone make this car radio a very good deal for the price. Bluetooth is the number one feature that most people now look for in a head unit.

Most just want to sync the stereo to their Smartphone so they can play the music stored on their phone through the car stereo. For this, the Kidcia SU-1089 Single-Din fits the bill. Bluetooth can also be used to pair the two devices together in order to make / receive phone calls in hands free mode. This radio has a built-in microphone. Add the memory card slot and a front facing USB port into the mix, and wow, what a deal.

Do you get what you pay for? Not all the time. But a lot of the time, yes. And if we go on that terminology, this universal stereo is so cheap to buy that you wouldn't expect it to last the day. But considering the price, it's actually surprisingly good. And the reviews are tremendously positive. This is definitely down to price versus expectation. And with the Kidcia SU-1089, it seems to far exceed most people's expectations.

However, a product that's so cheap does have to cut corners somewhere. Of course they do, or else the companies making them would be out-of-pocket. This one is no exception. Make no mistake, you're not going to get a top-end Pioneer DEH-X8700DAB or  Clarion NZ502E at this price.

This is a basic, easy to use budget stereo for those who are looking for the cheapest after-market audio player as a low-cost upgrade that can effortlessly perform some of the tasks the more expensive ones can. It's also a great, cost-effective option for people who have just bought a used car that came with an empty hole where the radio used to be.

Let's also not forget that used car stereos with removable fascia's are available for cheap these days. From many of the top brands too, like Pioneer, Sony, Clarion and Kenwood. Just take a look on eBay and you'll see that some are surprisingly cheap. One of my old stereos, the Xplod Sony CDX-GT24, which is MP3 / WMA compatible, and has a Aux / 3.5mm headphone jack, can be found for sale second-hand on eBay in really good condition for around £20.

It was / is a great stereo, but a little outdated now if we compare its features to this model. So, if you want a radio from a well recognised brand for a similar price, in most cases you will be getting one that does not have features / connection options that the Kidcia SU-1089 has.

But, if you would prefer to go for an older used model by a more well-known brand, they all have one thing that the Kidcia SU-1089 does not have. And that's a CD player / slot. This Kidcia model does not have a CD player. Furthermore, while this model looks like a pop-off (the face is removable) it is not. The face is not removable. It is fixed.

These are the only real down points for this unit. The fact that it doesn't have a CD player won't be a big deal for a lot of people, as they don't use them much anyway. With advancements in technology / car audio, some now consider them as almost obsolete.

The other area of more concern is the issue of the non-removable fascia. To a car radio thief who doesn't know the difference between a cheap stereo or a really expensive one, or is desperate enough for money, it may be worth the risk for them to smash your car window and take the stereo, beings as you left the stereo nice and complete with the face still on. Or so the thief thinks. So, there is a little bit of a security issue with this unit.

You could always leave the stereo unfitted and take the whole thing out each night. But that is quite inconvenient and looks untidy. You have to decide whether or not it is worth the risk. Live in a high crime area? Got a good car alarm? Is your car garaged overnight.. The decision is yours.

A very small number of people have reported poor sound quality when using hands free call mode. But how many other stereos, most of which are from the top brands, have had this issue also. There are many. And most have a lot more complaints regarding this issue than the Kidcia SU-1089 Single-Din has.

And let's not forget, they cost literally 10 - 15 times more than what this one costs to buy. So, a few reports of poor quality, crackly sound from an obviously faulty product out of a vast amount of positive reviews is hardly anything to be concerned about. Overall, price vs features, what a superb little bargain for those on a tight budget.

QZT Electric Car Tyre Pump

These days, an electric car pump that is small, portable and easy to use, is an essential item to have stashed away in the boot. If its got a read-out screen, like this digital QZT electric car tyre pump and many others have, that's even better. Of course, there's always the spare tyre should you get a flat while on the road. But how many cars have you had which have one or two tyres that just seem to lose air over the course of a week that you intend on getting sorted out but never actually get round to doing. I've had this more than a few times, on many different cars.

Faulty valve, rim leak, a very slow puncture, or just for topping up. Whatever the reason may be, it's always smart to have a reliable electric car pump at your disposal that can quickly give you enough air to ensure you're up and running at the correct pressure to safely continue on your journey.


If problems persist you should always get it sorted out rather than keep pumping it up. However, for a quick fix, an electric pump fits the bill very well. I would also always recommend a manual foot pump also, just in case of car battery drain / failure. Foot pumps are very cheap, so its better to be fully prepared and buy one than not bother and potentially get caught out.

When it comes to 12V tyre pumps, there are lots of different, very well-known brands to choose from. Ring, RAC, AA, Michelin etc. And they are all very good products. However, none of them have a higher customer review score than this best-selling digital QZT inflator. With that type of competition to contend with, it's quite surprising that the China based brand QZT comes out on top. Or at least it did for a year or so.

QZT Electric Pump Features

  • Very easy to operate + Accurate
  • Clear blue backlit digital display
  • Sturdy clickable on/off button
  • Powered by 12V auxiliary (Cigarette lighter)
  • 27 Litres per minute inflate speed (approximate)
  • Up to 150 PSI / 10.4 Bar (approximate)
  • Built in LED torch-light
  • Pressure preference options (show as kPa, PSI, BAR, etc)
  • Click down attaching to tyre valve (not screw on)
  • Additional 3 different valve attachments (for footballs, bicycle wheels, mattresses etc)
  • Slightly longer than average 3 meter extension cord
  • Spare fuse included
  • Sturdy build quality.
  • Weighs under 1KG (Still fairly heavy)

This QZT uses the very convenient auto stop feature. Set it to the pressure level you want, and when reached, it will stop inflating. This also prevents the user having to be crouched down next to the wheel in order to monitor the tyres pressure as it increases. It's much safer too when using it on roads where traffic is flowing.

Electric Pump Precautions

Always make sure your engine is running when using an electric tyre inflator for anything longer than 30 seconds. Like car stereos that are wired to powerful amplifiers, electric pumps can be quite demanding on battery power, and you don't want to end up with a nice fully inflated set of tyres and then have a dead battery!

Maximum operating time for this unit is eight minutes. That doesn't mean it can't handle longer, just that it will need a rest when operating for anything longer than eight minutes. To be safe, I wouldn't let it operate continuously for anything over 5 minutes before stopping it for a while.

Room For Improvement

A product improvement suggestion for all brands of electric pumps. While most portable / handheld electronic tyre inflators in this price range can also be used to pump up other things like footballs, inflatable mattresses and push bike wheels, they all seem to suffer from the same problem. Or should I say, the same design hindrance.

They only have a 12V connection socket. But most of the other things air compressors can be used to pump up, especially air beds, are more conveniently inflated in the comfort of your own home. I mean, what if you don't have a drive way and park down the street but want to pump up your inflatable mattress.. I had this exact problem not too long ago.

Needless to say, it would be the icing on the cake if the designers could make an inflator within, or close to this price range that had both a 12V and mains connection. You can always buy a 12V to mains adaptor, but good quality examples aren't exactly cheap. I would hope to see some inflators hitting the shelves with both options incorporated at some point in the near future.

There's always the super portable, cordless Air Hawk PRO. But that's considerably more expensive, and nowhere near as highly rated as this model. However, overall, the QZT is an excellent product for the price. It's not the number one best seller on Amazon for nothing.

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