Alfa Romeo 4C Beats Nürburgring Time

Well, the Alfa Romeo 4C is now the fastest production car within it's class to do a lap at the Ring, (Nürburgring). The time of 8 minutes and 4 seconds is now the fastest time for a car producing less then 250BHP. The Alfa Romeo 4C ran the same time as the Porsche Cayman S but still beats it because the Cayman has more horse power I believe, so doesn't count in this race.Correct me if I'm wrong.

Alfa Romeo 4C Beats Nürburgring Time

I'm surprised the Alfa Romeo 4C managed to finish the lap in working order. Alfa Romeo's have a terrible track record for reliability. There are people now working towards making sure that the Alfa Romeo 4C does not stay at the top for very long. There are lots of competitors. In particular, Porsche, BMW, and Renault.

Alfa Romeo 4C Silver
Picture Credit: Wiki Commons

They have a tough road ahead. The Alfa Romeo 4C Weighs well under a Ton (895KG) thanks to the use of Carbon Fibre, and this is one of the reasons why it's so fast on the track. The Alfa Romeo 4C is a beautiful car to look at and since it's release they have been flying out of the showrooms.

Bell Car Insurance Error With Payments

Not sure how many people have been affected by this glitch but apparently there has been an error with Bells software and car insurance payments usually taken automatically via Direct Debit have not been getting taken out. So now the people affected by this problem, including me, have to pay two months in one go.

Definitely not a good thing for people who are short of cash, live paycheck to paycheck, or get paid monthly. Hopefully the problem has been sorted out and things can get back to normal. I wasn't aware of this problem until I received a letter from Bell insurance telling me about this issue. I thought my bank balance seemed a little fatter than usual.

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