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Times are hard for a lot of people right now, not just me. But just my luck, at the worst possible time when money was at an all time low, I was the victim of Catalytic convertor theft. The thieves came twice. The first time they came I caught them jacking up my car in the day time and managed to chase them off with a chair leg.

I don't know if the same thieves came again, it could have been different people altogether for all I know. Because the second time around I never seen or heard a thing. So I presume they came like the true rats that they are, scurrying around in the middle of the night.


The old, super reliable low mileage Yaris. Sadly, this car no longer exists.

The first I knew that my Catalytic convertor had been stolen from my older model Yaris (can't even own an X reg Yaris these days) was when I went out to it one night to run a quick errand. I started the car and instantly knew the CAT was gone. It sounded like a tractor. I got out and looked underneath to confirm and my heart sank.

Like I said, my money was extremely low, and this theft actually resulted in me having to give up driving after 16 years on the road. Thanks lads. I couldn't afford to get the Catalytic convertor replaced. And if I borrowed the money from someone, what's to say it wouldn't be robbed again in a few months.

I mean, same car, same parking space. They've already tried twice, succeeded once. All It would take for the thief would be a quick look underneath the car to see if the part had been replaced, and if I never seen them it would be taken again. It literally takes 2 minutes to steal.

And I certianly didn't have the money to buy another car. So either way, off to the scrapman it was. I tried all the UK websites that offer the instant quotes / prices etc. Some of the prices were extremely low. A few were acceptable and I did accept some of them, filled out all my details etc, but they either never got back to me, or gave me the run around. They ended up being a waste of time.

So I went and had a look on TrustPilot and found a few that had very good review scores. I made contact with them all, and thought to myself -the best price and the quickest response will get the car. That ended up being


This company did not mess around. The price they offered was much higher than everyone elses, and as soon as I accepted their offer they had me booked in with a date and time that the recovery truck would be coming round to collect the car.

Like other companies that provide this service, I believe use certain scrap / salvage dealers depending on where you are located in the UK. So for me they used a salvage company that operates in the Wolverhampton, Birmingham and surrounding areas.

For me that ended up being the Alexander Brothers. And they were excellent. I'd read many horror story reviews online that people had left for other dealers, mostly on TrustPilot, so was a bit concerned. 

Things like, the dealer agrees a price but then starts haggling to a ridiculously low price when they arrive if they see a flaw with the car that they can exploit. Even when the flaw was declared before a deal was reached online. That was a common complaint. Or they don't arrive at the time specified, if at all.

Well, thankfully that didn't happen to me. The Alexander Brothers were stand up guys. I'd already told removemycar that my car had no Catalytic convertor due to it being stolen, and the quote price was based on that part being missing.

And when the recovery truck driver from Alexander Brothers came to pick up the car he was bang on the time agreed. He was a good guy very helpful and there was no haggling with the price at all. After the car was loaded on the recovery truck we sorted out the paper work (V5) / bank details for payment etc, and within 15 minutes the money was in my account.

If you're in the Birmingham / Wolverhampton area and want to scrap your car, even if you don't want to use the middle man company ( I'd give these guys a call first and see what they will offer. They literally paid me more than double the price of what all the other scrappers were willing to pay.

I'm not sure if there prices may be a bit lower now than they were a few months ago, as scrap prices are always changing. For all I know they might be higher right now. And the other good thing about these guys other than them paying the best price is they are professional. They don't mess about. At least not in my experience with them.

If you want to get a quote directly from the Alexander Bros Metal Recycling Ltd, you can do so by phoning them on: 01902 608354. They are based in Willenhall (WV13 1EJ).

1970's Lime Green Vauxhall Viva

Picture sent in by a visitor. Old school 70's Green Vauxhall Viva spotted in Castle Vale / Minworth, Birmingham. Obviously a project, which by the look of it still needs a few bits and pieces. Would be great to see this car actually out on the road. Don't see many of these old classic Viva's around anymore.



Car Insurance: Get A Cheaper Renewal Price

If you're new to driving, have been involved in a few crashes (at fault or not), or have points on your licence for whatever reason, chances are your car insurance isn't going to be cheap. At least, not as cheap as it could be. But there is still hope. When it comes to discounts, car insurance can be summed up in one common phrase: If you don't ask, you don't get.

If your car insurance is due for renewal, and the price is either higher or almost the same as the previous year, making you feel that the price isn't fair, absolutely never just let cooling-off period come and go and start a new year without phoning your insurance company first. You could always get a new quotation online from one of the many websites offering such a service (, etc), but if you don't want all the hassle of changing insurers it can be a smart move to ask your current insurer if they can negotiate on the renewal price.


Practically every year without fail, I have phoned up my insurance company and managed to get a discount of several hundred pounds, simply by telling them that I'm not happy with the renewal price. They don't want you to leave, so most of the time they are willing to bring the premium down to keep you as a customer.

You may have to explain yourself a bit and point out why you think your premium should be cheaper. Things like - I only drive a small engine car (if you do), I have x amount of years of no claim's bonus, been a loyal customer for quite a few years, it's more than it was last year etc. And also let them know that you are considering leaving them, but if the price is lowered you would rather stay.

Basically, say whatever you feel fits your situation, that's truthful, which you can leverage to your advantage to make a case of why it should be cheaper.

Has anything changed that could naturally lower the price of your premium. Such as, safer overnight parking, driving fewer miles annually, working fewer hours at your job., or even working from home.

For many people, due to the situation at the moment, they genuinely are driving less and are either working from home or doing fewer hours at work. So these are great things to mention that will definitely affect how much you pay, or in our case, get discounted. Furthermore, car insurance companies know many people are struggling right now and will lower the price of your premium on that aspect alone. All you have to do is mention that you are short of cash due to the current situation and this should help in getting the price down.

If you mention all these things, and they still won't budge on the price (not likely), ask to speak to someone higher up the chain. Explain yourself, mentioning all the points that you feel should help in lowering your insurance. I have done this exact procedure year after year, and I always get my insurance lowered. For example: This year (2020) my renewal came through and was a few pounds higher than last year.

I rang my up my insurance company, mentioning the current situation and how times are hard, working hours are less, I'm driving less etc, and I managed to literally get £250 off my renewal price. Needless to say, I thought that was fair, so I accepted the new premium.

Moral of the story: Don't be afraid to phone up your auto insurance company and do exactly what this article talks about to get a cheaper premium. Especially now. They are expecting calls such as this, and are ready to negotiate and drop the price.

If they don't budge on the price whatsoever, or the discount is ridiculously small, I would recommend either changing insurers, or, at the very least, shopping around by doing some quotes online. Then, if you get some good quotes, but don't really want to change insurers, ring your current insurer again and let them know about the low quotes you have received and ask them to match it.

A quick heads up: If you tell your insurance company that you have done some new quotes online, I believe they may have access to that information and be able to see the data that you have entered into the quotation form. If that doesn't match the information that you have on file with them they will most probably want to know why. If your answers do not satisfy your current insurers concerns, this could lead to the cancellation of your current insurance policy.

Renault Master Van Fuel Cap Release

How To: Open a Renault Master Fuel Cap. If you've recently got access to a Renault Master Van through your work or some other means, chances are you may be unfamiliar with some of the simple differences this van offers. One of those being the fuel cap release. Where is it? Well, unlike many vans, which have some type of fuel cap lock or release button in the cabin / dashboard, Renault have done things differently with the Master.


With the Master there is no release button. The lock of the fuel flap / cap is actually the lip of the fuel cap and drivers door. When the driver's door is opened the fuel flap can be opened and the cap is able to be removed. Still unsure? See the picture above for the exact location. This is the same for both types of Renault Master, hard sided and curtainsider.

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