Coronavirus: Will Car Insurance Be Free

Coronavirus: Should Car Insurance Be Free at this difficult time. At this point everyone is aware of the COVID-19 and all the uncertainty that has come with it. Jobs that were last month secure are now at risk, people are stockpiling food and essential supplies, and everything we all take for granted, including the freedom to come and go as we please has, for now been taken away. It looks like we are heading towards complete economic / financial collapse.

As a result, the Government, as well as some energy companies in the UK are offering some relief to people who are struggling. Those include help with Mortgage payments (freezing payments), and help with energy bills (Electric - Gas) in the form of smaller payments.


So my question is: Should the car insurance companies be helping out also, by offering free or heavily discounted car insurance for existing customers due to the fact that people are going to start having difficulty paying. I mean, it's the least they can do. They've been robbing car owners for many years with ridiculously high premiums. It's time to give back a little. I have just read that some insurers are offering as much as a 75% discount for NHS workers, which is great. But what about the rest of us.

They should, at minimum, be offering everyone a few months at half price for those who pay monthly. I did get an email from my Car Insurance provider last week, which talked about the Coronavirus, but failed to mention anything relating to helping out their customers by offering some financial assistance. I wonder if companies like Admiral, AXA, RAC, Co-Op and Aviva will announce something soon. I'd like to think they would, but I won't be holding my breath.

Rear End Smash - Hyundai Getz Vs Lorry

Rear End Collision - Hyundai Getz Vs Lorry. Here's what it looks like when a Hyundai Getz is hit from behind by a lorry travelling at around 25 - 30 MPH while stationary at a red traffic light. I think the Getz took the impact pretty well. Luckily, there was no one sitting in any of the back seats at the time of the crash. If there would have been, they would have no doubt had the shock of their lives, and would more than likely have sustained some potentially serious whiplash / back injuries.

Hyundai Getz 1300 (1.3cc) Sport before the accident. Looking good, nice and clean.

After the incident. Oh dear. Better start looking for another car.

As you can probably see, the damage was too bad, and would have cost far more than the car was worth to fix. Needless to say, the car was a total write-off and was scrapped. I ended up being off work for months due to neck and back injuries. Car was hit from behind and was thrown out into the junction around 10 - 15 meters. I wrote about my experience with having to deal with AXA car Insurance relating to this accident. Got a story you want posted on Car Auto. Contact us with the details.

New Toyota Supra 2019 / 2020 Price

The 2020 GR (Gazoo Racing) 6-Cylinder, 8 speed auto (RWD) Toyota SUPRA is very much a BMW Z4 in disguise. It's shape looks quite similar, and if that wasn't enough it even has the same engine, the 3 Litre Twin Turbo (335BHP). It's a somewhat clever mix of German / Japanese engineering. Although some people, most notably fans of old school Japanese cars would have preferred a new Supra that was, well, more Japanese. Anyway, what is the release date in the UK? Well it seems there isn't an "official" release date.


Everywhere just says the same thing: The end of summer 2019. That's right about now then. Prices start from around $50,000 Dollars, so convert that to UK currency, and add a few more thousand pounds (as the US Vs UK price never remains equal when sold overseas) and that's roughly the cost if buying in the UK (Around £52K for the standard spec model). There are 3 models to choose from. The most sought after is the limited edition A90. This model has the highest spec (all engines are the same throughout the 3 different models) and is expected to cost a little over £55,000 (GBP).

Toyota Supra GR 2020 Review - How it drives 

Interested in buying one? Don't get your hopes up. The nine hundred new 2020 GR (Gazoo Racing) Toyota SUPRA's destined for the UK and Europe have apparently all been reserved, which essentially means sold. However, Toyota are opening their books again soon to take the new orders for 2020. So if you want to buy the new Toyota SUPRA be sure to act fast, as demand is extremely high.

Pumpkin AA0437B 2 Din Android Head Unit

Pumpkin Android 2 Din head units have been talked about, and reviewed on this website in the past. That review was about the CN01-03302B-02A model. And overall, it was a decent car stereo / Android computer for the price. Though some people wouldn't agree, as the reviews overall are a big mixture of good and bad.

The latest Pumpkin AA0437B is more of the same, only much more updated. Packing an Octa Core Processor, 4GB RAM, 32GB internal storage space, and one of the latest Android operating systems (Android 9.0 - Pie), it's much more than just a music system. Be aware: Some Pumpkin models are universal (fit many car makes and models), while others are for a specific make of vehicle.


This model is made for Volkswagen (VW) vehicles. It will fit a lot of models that are double din, including VW Golf GTi, Golf 6, Passatt, VW Scirocco, Jetta, Bettle and Polo's. Although, not all models are compatible, so do check before purchasing the AA0437B.

This model will also fit some models of SEAT and Skoda. For the full list of compatible vehicles - check out the official Pumpkin website.

Pumpkin AA0437B 2 Din Android Head Unit Quick Specification


  • 8 Inch 1024 x 600 Touch Screen Display
  • Android 9.0 Pie OS
  • Octa Core Processor (8 Cores)
  • 4GB RAM (DDR3)
  • 32GB internal storage space (Expandable via SD slot)
  • GPS (works both online and when not connected)
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 3G support
  • Phone Mirroring
  • WiFi (Needs aerial / booster - included)
  • AV OUT
  • USB connections
  • Reverse camera compatible
  • Output: 4 x 50 Watts

Other features worth mentioning: Supports many of the well known audio and video formats (MP3, MP4, AVI, MOV + many more) and has an extremely fast load up / boot time. The SD card slot makes the internal storage space expandable to an additional 64GB. Also comes with a free external microphone. If you want a closer look at this model, and to see it getting fitted into a Volkswagen and tested - watch the YouTube video below.

Pumpkin AA0437B Double Din Shortcomings

When it comes to Android stereos in general, so many other them are not an all-in-one solution. To really use many other features the manufacturers promise, most require additional leads and antenna's that make the whole process a bit messy. The Pumpkin AA0437B is no exception. But anyone who wants as many features as Android based stereos now provide should expect, or at least be willing to sacrifice all the extra leads and antenna's involved, and longer set-up process, in order to have this level of technology at their disposal.

Also worth noting is the price. This unit is not cheap. And for this type of money there is a lot of choice out there, a lot of them for the same price are admittedly not as advanced in terms of having their own fully fledged on-board Operating system, but they are offered by some of the top stereo brands, including Pioneer, Sony, Kenwood and JVC. Furthermore, with the new Android Auto / Apple CarPlay updates, be sure to shop around before making your decision of what aftermarket stereo to buy.

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