Video Shows Moment Before Deadly Tesla Crash In France


Scary video footage from a restaurant shows the moment a Tesla, which is believed to be a model 3, goes past at breakneck speed before crashing. One person died and 20 others were injured, 3 seriously. What was the reason for the car to be travelling at such a high rate of speed? Some say the driver was speeding, others claim his foot hit the wrong pedal, which doesn't seem plausible at all. Especially when the driver of the car, which was a Taxi, has 30 years of experience as a Taxi driver.

Tesla has responded and said there was no sign of technical fault / malfunction with the car. However, many people are suspicious and think the fault lies with the car. The driver of the Tesla said the car accelerated on its own and the brakes would not work. This is not hard to believe at all. Just take a look at one of the lists of Sudden Unintended Acceleration complaints submitted to the NHTSA. Sudden Unintended Acceleration is a known problem.

It's obvious that G7, the Paris taxi company the driver works for, also thinks the issue may be with the car. After the crash they put the use of their 37 Tesla Model 3 cars on hold. That says it all really. The Taxi driver involved in this accident has filed a law suit against Tesla. The reputation of Tesla's safety has been under fire for quite some time now, and it doesn't seem to be getting any better as the years roll by; with news reports, complaints submitted by owners and videos of incidents becoming commonplace.


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