Toyota Yaris High Mileage No Problem

The Toyota Yaris is one of the most impressive high mileage small cars you can buy. Reliability is one of it's strongest points. The Yaris has arguably the most reliable small engine of any other car. Most people tell you to steer clear of a car with high mileage. They say "Over 100K, don't touch it"..This mentality, that a car is on it's last legs if it has over 100K on the clock (Odometer) is doubled when talking about small engined cars. It's classed as a no go area.

Some people who know a little more about cars and engines will know that just because a car has done a fair amount of mileage it doesn't really mean anything. The term "Just been run in" springs to mind. In fact, some people actually use the "don't buy a high mileage car" mentality to their advantage. With more people thinking this way it leaves the door open for other people who know there's still a lot of life in the old boy yet to grab a serious bargain.

And remember, when a car has reached high mileage a lot of the parts, from consumables to anything else the car may have needed through out its life have already been replaced by previous owners. Also, lets not forget how cheap a high mileage car is to buy. A used Toyota Yaris with a good service history can be bought for as cheap as £700. I bought mine for £800. So that should leave you with some extra money should a few parts need replacing. Most of the cars I have bought and owned over the years have had over 100K on the clock.

As long as the car has a good service history and has been looked after then there's no reason to worry. Of Course, no car is immune from neglect. So even the most reliable little Japanese cars that have been ran into the ground for years will also encounter problems at high mileage, or even at low mileage if neglected, just like any other car. Neglect isn't exclusive to just high mileage. Problems can happen at any time of the cars life.

I've personally seen a Toyota Yaris' mileage at 160K and the car still ran like a dream. One of the most important things is of course overall maintenance, but the most important thing to keep an engine running well at high mileage is regular oil changes. My Toyota Yaris right now has just under 120K (Pictured above) on the Digital Odometer, but if you were to listen to the car running you wouldn't believe how quiet it is. I have to rev the car to make sure it's still ticking over!

For such a small engine with 120K that is really impressive, and testament to how good these little engines are. After all, I haven't done anything special to mine, just regular oil and filter changes. As reliable as a Ford KA engine can be, and they are good little engines, have you heard them at 60 - 70K or beyond..They sound like tractors. Mine did. The Yaris engine seems to be in a class of it's own, and if looked after is capable of considerably high mileage. I hope I haven't jinxed my Yaris now after this post.

Do you own a Toyota Yaris which has really high mileage? If so send me a picture of the Odometer and I'll add it to this post. If I get enough pics this post can become a shrine for high mileage Yaris'. A quarter of a million Odometer picture would be nice. Anyone?

Yaris 250k-Odo-Mileage2

At last, someone comes through and breaks the carauto record with a massive 250K Yaris mileage! That's Andy with the indestructible Yaris. What's even more impressive is that it's come from a 1 litre engine. Can anyone top a quarter of a million miles?


Thanks to Ian for sending in the highest recorded mileage so far to be featured in this post @ 302,215 miles. This is from a 2008 Yaris automatic. Can anyone top this? Half a million would be nice. I'm sure there's a few out there still running smooth with that type of mileage.


And we have a new leader. Sent in by Matt who owns a Toyota Yaris Sedan (Saloon), the odometer reads 305,971. That's a few thousand miles more than the previous highest. Thanks Matt. Can anyone top that?


Anonymous said...

I wish Toyota would offer the D4D in the United States. It would sell well...

Unknown said...

Mine has 198k and it's 8 years old. It's a manual. Clutch is still good. Brakes are still good (I know, I know...but no squeaks, shutters or pulling while braking...I downshift) Only thing I've had replaced is battery and serpentine belt. Good little car indeed!

Car-Drives said...

Hi Jesse, yes they are great little cars. 198k is impressive!. If you have the time and can be bothered to do so, feel free to send me a picture of your odometer.

Also Anonymous: I wasn't aware they didn't release the D4D in the USA. I think a lot of people would appreciate the D4D Yaris in the US. They are reliable and excellent on fuel.

Alan said...

Hi, my 2001 Vitz RS has just died from a crankshaft bearing going at 199,640 kms. Otherwise the car is going well and it doesn't have an easy life here in Wellington. I have to park it on the street, the roads are narrow, hilly and bumpy to boot but still the car feels good and I had no qualms about driving with verve (kind of means foot down) Apparently it's unusual for a bearing to go at this milage, just bad luck.

This car has cost me so little to run and is so much fun to drive that I'm going to spend another $7,000 on another ten year old RS with around 80,000 kms in complete confidence it will do another 5 years without much trouble or cost. The auto transmition, conventional, not cvt, has had no problems at all.

Interestingly, my 8 yr old daughter and 11 yr old nephew are really broken up about the Vitz dying and don't care about their mothers Honda and Mazdas.

Aaron Johnson said...

Im in chicago and I've been negotiating with people with 150k on their cars and they price it thousands over blue book.......they don't budge on the price........they think they got gold when the thing is ready for the junk yard.....even cars with accidents, the owners expect top dollar......where are you finding bargains do share!!!!!

Car Auto said...

Hi Aaron, I have noticed that over the years with used cars in general when it comes to people selling them in America. They seem to want a lot of money for them!

I'm not sure on the amount of used Yaris' there are in the USA for sale, but here in the UK there are many. And because high mileage examples (of any car) are considered as a risky buy, they can be snapped up for cheap. Some sellers are more willing to let them go for less in order to get a quick sale etc.

Bargains are found on all the usual car sites. Autotrader, eBay and Gumtree are some of the places I use. Autotrader has been the most rewarding for me. Good luck with your search.

Anonymous said...

I wish they still sold the Toyota Yaris like the one I bought in October 2006. I don't really like the ones they are selling now.
2007 Toyota Yaris Sedan. Basic model no electric windows or locks. Only owner, still driving it. 428900 miles on her. Hope to see 500k.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for 500,000 miles without an engine rebuild...

Yam said...

My yaris mileage was 99,755 st next day it started again from 0 mileage is this common or something seriousil wrong?

Car Auto said...

Hi Yam. I don't think that's a very common issue if you haven't been working on the car. As far as I'm aware, that's usually a sign that the odometer has been tampered with in some way.

However, it could be some kind of electrical trip / fault, a faulty sensor or possibly a failed / faulty EEPROM chip. Depending on how long you have owned the car, and how much the car means to you [just a run around, pride and joy etc], I would definitely get it looked at.

Most garages would have a quick look or give you advice on how serious the problem is, and what it would cost to fix without charging you any money before doing any work on your car.


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