How To Open a Toyota Yaris Bonnet

Simple things can sometimes be confusing if you've never seen or had to use them before. How do you open the bonnet (Hood) on a Toyota Yaris. Well, it's quite similar to the Nissan Micra. First, look down to where the accelerator pedal is located, then look to the right side (Left side for USA) at the plastic panel surround at around the height of where your shin / knee is located and you will see a lever that has a picture of a car with its bonnet (Hood) up.

See the picture below which has the accelerator pedal present to give you a better idea of the location. Click the image to enlarge. Get your fingers underneath the lever and pull it towards you. This will pop the bonnet onto its latch.


After that has been done go to the front of the car and release the bonnet from its latch. This is done by feeling under the space you have just created by popping the bonnet on to the safety latch. The lever you need to push is located in the middle of the bonnet, but slightly to the right. See the pictures below. When you locate this lever it needs to be pushed up from the bottom. This will release the lock from its latch and the bonnet will be freed. Now the bonnet can be opened.

Circled in red: Push the lever up

 Be aware that once this front latch is pulled up and released, the full weight of the bonnet will be in your hands. Just be aware of that and don't crush your fingers. See the pictures enlarged for the location and alignment of the bonnet latch if you are unsure. Hope this helps you out.


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