Ring Automotive 240v RAC610 Inflator

One of the most popular analogue tyre inflators, the Ring Automotive RAC610 Analogue Tyre Pump Inflator doesn't have all the bells and whistles that some of the digital Tyre Inflators / Compressors have, but as far as buying a no-nonsense, affordable tyre inflator goes this one is hard to beat. It's reliable, dependable and it costs very little to buy.

There have been a few complaints regarding to what pressure level of tyre it can pump up to such as caravan tyres, bigger vehicle tyres etc, but if you are buying this to pump up car tyres there won't be any issue. It has a maximum of 100psi as stated by the manufacturer, which is more than enough for pumping up normal car tyres.

The RAC610 is powered from your auxiliary / cigarette lighter DC (240v) socket. The power cable is just under 3 meters in length making it long enough to be able to inflate all tyres on most cars comfortably up to a saloon model in length. With SUV's and 4 x 4's included. Although the bigger and heavier the vehicle the longer it will take pumping up the tyres. The tyre connector (Air line) hose is just under 19 inches.

The Ring Automotive 240v RAC610 Inflator

The Ring Automotive 610 takes around four and a half minutes to pump up each car tyre from flat and reads in the following units of pressure: PSI, BAR, kg/cm2. It has a pressure gauge needle to tell you what pressure you are currently inflated to. This read out is said to be pretty accurate. The Ring RAC610 also connects to the tyre valve by screw in (threaded) rather than push down and clip to the side. Much more reliable and stable.

Very low  priced, the RAC610 Analogue Compressor really is great value for money and beats slogging away with a manual foot pump hands down. And considering that a manual foot pump costs around £5 to buy, the RAC610 makes a sensible back up purchase of a very handy product that comes in nicely below budget. It also works with bikes and other items like beds, balls etc. (Different attachments are provided). See below.


Please Note: As an average, it would be wise and more realistic to expect the RAC610 to inflate to a maximum of around 50psi - 60psi, as 100psi for this item does seem exaggerated. If you need something that's still cheap in price, but more heavy-duty with more inflating power take a look at the AIR COMPRESSOR INFLATOR 12V 140PSI. Still cheap.

What the Ring Automotive RAC610 doesn't have. It does not have a light source built-in to help when inflating tyres in the dark. No digital screen (analogue), and does not come with a protective case. But It does have a storage compartment in the base for easy storage of the power lead (Pictured above). Great item with excellent reviews.


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