Draper 20486 6V / 12V Battery Charger

Simplicity and great quality for a reasonable price are two of Draper's best aspects. The Draper 20486 4.2 A battery charger has both in big quantities. It very easy to operate having just a few simple switches, and it is cheap to buy. For the price this is one of the best battery chargers because being able to charge 6V and 12V (up to 45Ah) battery's it can handle everything from small vehicles like motorbikes and small cars, to bigger vehicles like vans and tractors.

Draper 20486 Battery Charger 6 Volt 12 V 4.2 A
 The Draper 20486

But be aware: If your charging a bigger volt battery that is basically flat it will take a considerable amount of time to charge fully.

This battery charger is mains operated. It's recommended that you disconnect the battery from its normal plus and negative terminals before placing the crocodile clips from the Draper 20486 on to the battery. This is to prevent doing any damage occurring to the car electrics and battery. Some people take the car battery completely out of their car and charge it indoors.

This is the safest option, but as long as you disconnect both car battery terminals (positive and negative) and keep them well out-of-the-way when charging you should be fine. The Draper 20486 is a great item with great build quality and should serve you well for many years. It's also super quiet when in operation. Reviews are excellent. If you need something that has a higher maximum of 55Ah take a look at the Draper 20487 Battery Charger (5.6 A).  Both are great chargers for their cheap price tags.


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