6 AMP 12V Mains Car Battery Charger

This 6 AMP 12 Volt mains operated car battery charger makes charging your car battery a fairly easy task to complete. The unit has a series of lights that help you to easily tell where your battery is in the charging process. The lights go up in levels, starting at Min and going up to Max. In between are other lights that show in percentages how charged your battery is. Starting at zero, then going up in increments, 50%, 75%, 100% etc. This unit is very versatile. It can charge all sorts of vehicle batteries, not just cars. Bikes, Boats, ride on lawnmower batteries, and also bigger vehicles such as medium to large-sized vans.


This is a well-built car battery charger for the price. It features a built-in short-circuit protector which will protect your battery health by turning the unit off if there's any sign of trouble. It provides close to 3 meters in length with the power lead and clip on wires combined. If that's not long enough you can always use an extension lead.

Correct Usage

Some people are curious as to whether you need to disconnect the car battery terminals before placing the connectors from the charger on to the car battery charging points. Yes, you do have to totally disconnect both connectors (Positive + Negative) before attaching the leads to charge the car battery. Also, it's not wise to place this item on charge and leave it unattended for lots of hours or days on end.


That could be dangerous, so make sure you check on the charging process every hour or so. Some people do take the car battery out of the car and charge it in their house or garage. While that is a very safe option, as long as you have both car battery leads (Terminals) well out-of-the-way its fine to leave the battery in the car when using this charger. Overall a good, well made car battery charger for the price. And a smart item to have handy with the winter approaching.


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