Digital Screw On Car Tyre Inflator

This small, easy to use 12 Volt Digital Tyre Inflator is an excellent item for the cheap price. It has many useful and practical features that easily make it one of the best digital Tyre Inflators in its price bracket. It uses the auxiliary / cigarette lighter socket as its power source, is fairly fast at inflating tyres, and has a fairly long power lead at over 3 meters making it able to conveniently reach and inflate all tyres if / when needed.

The clear, back-lit LCD screen allows easy operation and features 3 different pressure modes, PSI, BAR, and KPa. This item also has two built-in lights, a white LED for when you need to inflate tyres at night, and a red light (flashes) in case of an emergency situation.

This model is now out of stock. But take a look at a great alternative (screw on - link removed) made by the company that deals with car breakdowns, the AA.

The white light could also be used as a general car night-light if you break down, still have power in your car battery and don't happen to have another light source in your car. This item is compact and comes in its own little carrying bag, which can be stored away easily anywhere within the car. Some people also buy this inflator in order to quickly pump up their bicycle tyres, and for that purpose it works just as well as with the car tyres.

What does it come with

It also comes with several other valve attachments for pumping up other things like footballs, bikes, inflatable camping beds (if they have the right valve) etc. So how long does it take to inflate a tyre? From flat it will take anywhere from 3 ½ to 4 ½ minutes for each tyre. Top ups literally take seconds. Reviews are mostly excellent for this inflator.

Screw On

Some Tyre Inflator / Compressors use a system where you push the connection on to the tyre valve and clip it down to the side, just like with many of the old style manual foot pumps. As you may know if you've used a normal foot pump a few times over the years, they can have a habit of the connector popping off the valve due to the pressure of the air being too much for the valve to handle because it's not secure enough due to the push and clip down system.

That is never going to be an issue with this digital Tyre inflator as it uses a screw in system that's totally secure. It screws on to the valve just like a tyre valve protection cap does. Then, once the connector is screwed on to the valve all that's needed is for you to set your desired tyre pressure on the digital read out, press the button to start the inflating process and just stand back and let the pump inflate the tyre automatically.

Auto Stop

This digital inflator will also stop automatically once the tyre has reached the desired pressure level you have set it to. It will also pump the tyre up just over the desired pressure level to counteract the small loss of air made when removing the connector from the tyre valve.

Excellent, handy item for the low price. If you want something very similar in appearance and price but branded, try the Ring Automotive RAC600 tyre inflator. Car Auto would recommend that you also have a manual foot pump as a backup along side any electrical tyre inflator that solely relies on the car for its power source. Be on the safe side.


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