Pioneer FH-S720BT 2-DIN CD Car Stereo With Bluetooth

Do you really need a car stereo that has an Android OS built-in. Or, are you okay with a stereo that doesn't have Android built-in, but is compatible with Android and Apple devices. If its the latter, this stereo is a good choice. Take a look at many of the reviews for the full blown Android units and you'll quickly see that their customer feedback is very revealing, and overall quite disappointing. For that reason, until the quality increases, it is better to go with a trusted brand that offers much better reliability and still has Android compatibility. Albeit by an external source rather than built into the unit.


Pioneer's FH-S720BT 2-DIN CD/AM/FM stereo with Bluetooth technology [pictured above] is a feature-rich car audio system. It has a built-in Bluetooth interface for listening to music from smartphones, tablets and even laptop computers. With a mix of some older and newer technology, the FH-S720BT has an AM/FM radio, CD Player, AUX [3.5mm headphone jack] and a USB port for playing music from a flash drive. With its large digital display setup, the system's menu and controls are bright and easy to read.

The FH-S720BT has 3 RCA outputs, which consist of Front, Rear and Subwoofer. These are all separate. It also has RGB Illumination which looks really cool and can be changed in colour. There's also a digital graphic equalizer and an easy to use reset button should it be needed.

This stereo has many great features for both casual and more experienced users. As mentioned, the system can be controlled by external sources, using the front console button controls, and even via an optional wireless remote controller. The unit comes equipped with an external microphone connection for making hands-free calls on a compatible smartphone or phablet device [tablet with a SIM card slot that is usable as a mobile phone].

As far as Bluetooth goes, it is an exceptional audio solution. It can act as an FM radio tuner without interference from Bluetooth audio streaming. But do note - it does not have DAB. It is Alexa compatible though, via the Pioneer Smart sync App. Additionally, it can display the time and song information from compatible smartphones and vise versa.

As in, it can display / mimic some of the stereo controls onto your external device [Pioneer App required]. The system can also be set to automatically update the song information from your phone via its Bluetooth connection. Whichever one suits your preferences. Users can also transfer music from their phones to their cars by connecting their external device to the system via USB or AUX cable. Overall, this is a good capable double din stereo for the price and its compatible with many car brands and models, including Ford, Kia, VW, Vauxhall Corsa, Skoda, BMW and Toyota. However, some systems may require the use of a wiring harness.


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