BMW Snapped Timing Chain 07 - 09 Fault

Well this isn't something you expect to encounter when buying an expensive car from a top car manufacturer. Also with the affected cars ...




How To Open Gas Petrol Cap Hyundai Getz

Despite setting out to get another small Japanese car due to my last car, a Toyota Yaris SR, being written off because someone crashed into the back of it while it was parked, I recently ended up buying a used Hyundai Getz Sport. Reviews for this car are really good, and a lot of buyers never set out to buy one, they just stumbled upon one and bought it. Just like I have done! However, owners seem pleasantly surprised by how reliable they are. So after reading the reviews I thought, why not give Hyundai a go. It's a nice car, very smooth, and I guess time will tell in order to see how reliable my one is.


Surprisingly, the Hyundai Getz' petrol cap opener / release button is in the same location as it is in the Toyota Yaris. The little lever / button located at the bottom of the driver's seat (Right side UK - Left side USA) needs to be pulled up from underneath to release the petrol cap from its lock. See picture above. When I bought a Yaris I didn't think to ask the seller where this button was, and as a result struggled to find it when I needed to fill up. This time with the Getz I did ask the seller and hopefully this post will help a few people who are having a hard time finding it.