How To Open Gas Petrol Cap Hyundai Getz

Despite setting out to get another small Japanese car due to my last car, a Toyota Yaris SR, being written off because someone crashed into the back of it while it was parked, I recently ended up buying a used Hyundai Getz Sport. Reviews for this car are really good, and a lot of buyers never set out to buy one, they just stumbled upon one and bought it. Just like I have done! However, owners seem pleasantly surprised by how reliable they are. So after reading the reviews I thought, why not give Hyundai a go. It's a nice car, very smooth, and I guess time will tell in order to see how reliable my one is.


Surprisingly, the Hyundai Getz' petrol cap opener / release button is in the same location as it is in the Toyota Yaris. The little lever / button located at the bottom of the driver's seat (Right side UK - Left side USA) needs to be pulled up from underneath to release the petrol cap from its lock. See picture above. When I bought a Yaris I didn't think to ask the seller where this button was, and as a result struggled to find it when I needed to fill up. This time with the Getz I did ask the seller and hopefully this post will help a few people who are having a hard time finding it.


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