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August 2023 - Tesla Price Cuts

Tesla is dropping the price of some of their models in China and the USA. The electric car giant has reduced the price of models S and X in China by around $7K - $8K. In the USA Tesla has launched cheaper models [by around 10K] of their S sedan and X SUV that will shorter travel ranges than what the normal S and X models are capable of. The shorter ranges are, apparently, not due to the batteries in the cheaper priced models being any less capable, but being limited by software.


October 2023 - EVs see a downtrend in US sales

There has been a notable downtrend in the amount of people buying electric powered vehicles in America. So much so, that EVs are starting to pile up at dealerships. Numerous reasons are suspected, but high prices, limited travel ranges and lack of charging infrastructure are some key aspects that really stand out. You can find out more about this sales drop here


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