Edge Audio EDB12A 12 Inch Subwoofer

The Edge Audio EDB12A is a 12-inch bass enclosure designed for active amplification. The low-profile design provides optimal bass response at the performer's desired listening level. The 12-inch speaker configuration provides a crisp, full-bodied sound while minimizing distortion. The EDB12A subwoofer is ideal for the car boot, but is also suitable for home and semi-professional audio applications.


The speaker box features a powerful built-in amplifier that drives a single 12-inch subwoofer speaker. The speaker delivers up to 400 Watts RMS | 1200 Watts Peak of total power, and can be custom tuned to your specific needs. On the front of the SUB it says 900 watts. Each EDB12A comes equipped with a low-high frequency filter, which reduces or increases subsonic frequencies.

Frequency filtering can fine tune sound and also reduce unwanted rumble and vibrations, which can be heard by all and felt by those sitting close to the speaker. A 3-position EQ style setting [frequency, bass boost and gain] allows you to boost or reduce the frequency ranges you want to hear in each note. Thanks to the curve, a strong but lightweight construction minimizes weight and minimizes vibration, allowing the speaker to fit into tight spots in the car or at home, while maintaining optimal sound levels.

Video: overview of the Edge Audio EDB12A

The Edge ED7200 internal amplifiers control side panel also allows for quick adjustments that are easy to perform. The control panel includes low input and high input options, as well as two LED lights, red for Power / Protect mode, and green PWR for power [speaker on and all is good]. There's also a convenient 20A fuse box insert for easy replacement should it be needed.

Overall, an excellent speaker that's fairly small but packs a punch. The added benefit of having a built in amp is cost effective and less hassle for many people. The subwoofer doesn't come with any leads when bought on its own, but there are high quality VIBE wiring kits available [1500 watts or 2000 watts] as part of a package deal. Great value for money. Reviews are very good. The majority of buyers are very impressed.


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