Best Car List For a First Time Driver

Passing your driving test is a great achievement. Once you pass the only thing on your mind is buying a car and getting on the road. The novelty lasts for quite a while. Enjoy it while it lasts! Depending on how much money you want to spend on your first car will determine what kind of car you will end up buying. Most people will want a really nice first car to drive around in. But for a first time driver it's not recommended.

The first car is meant to be the one that you actually "learn" to drive in. What I mean by this is: When you "Learn" to drive in your driving instructors car you are really just learning the way / method they require you to drive in order to be considered safe to drive. The better you learn that - considered safe driving style - the higher chance you will have of passing your driving test. When in reality, this is not the way you will continue to drive once you pass your test and have been driving for a few months. You will develop your own specific driving style, and it more than likely won't involve you using the ten-to-two hand positioning on the steering wheel while in control of the car.

Older Honda Civic Black

So that's what the first car should be for, the car that you actually learn your individual driving style in. And remember, most new drivers literally have no experience of driving unsupervised so it's inevitable that your going to have a few scrapes and close calls in your first car while gaining experience on the road. Your car will take a few knocks here and there.

So you should buy a car that's cheap, reliable and very forgiving! A car that you won't cry too much over if it gets a little dent or a few scrapes on the bodywork. Although I would be annoyed if the Honda Civic pictured here got a few bumps because it's a nice basic example, but you get the idea. I just didn't want to show one that wasn't as nice on this post.

Here is a short list of cars that I recommend for first time drivers. Please note: I always choose the most reliable cheap cars for this purpose, and the ones that fit this criteria best are the old Japanese cars. They absolutely offer the best value for first time drivers that want a reliable car for a low price. Of course, always make sure the car has a good service history as no car is immune from needing new consumables (like new brakes etc) or an old, non-consumable part eventually needing replacing. All cars I mention below are the older versions and most can be bought for very cheap. Well under a grand. In fact most can be found (A decent example) for around £500 - £750.

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Yaris

Toyota Starlet

Honda Civic

Nissan Micra

Also worth considering is the Ford KA. Apart from the rust issues and the tractor sounding engine at high mileage, Ford KA's do make good first cars. The engines are very reliable. If you have a little more money to spend consider a Honda Jazz. They are one of the most reliable cars available and was the most reliable car of 2014. They can be found for around £1000 - £2000. If you want something a bit more bigger than the cars mentioned on the list take a look at the old Mazda 323. Read more about the Mazda 323 on this website. Great car that has a unique look and character. Good luck with your choice.


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