Mazda 323F 1994-1998 Model Cars

The Mazda 323F (1994-1998) model car was way ahead of it’s time. The car looked so much different to everything else on the road at that time. Even today, the Mazda 323 is widely admired, by owners and onlookers alike. Many people still look at the 323 with a face of pleasant confusion. It’s not the kind of car you see all that often, so when you see one, specially a well kept one, it’s a nice sight. But it’s not only the look of the Mazda 323 that owners love, it’s also how reliable this car is.

Almost every person that has owned a Mazda 323 1994-1998 model car has only good things to say about it. Many owners are gutted if they have to sell theirs, and always pine for the opportunity to own another one. Of course, there’s a bad review on every car in the world, including the Mazda 323, but we must not forget that any make or model car that’s not properly maintained will get problems sooner or later.

The Mazda 323 1994-1998 is a very tough car, from the chassis to the engine, it takes abuse extremely well. I have seen Mazda 323′s that were never serviced and they just keep going and going. So if you do service the Mazda 323 and take good care of it, the 323 will reward you with many years of trouble free motoring, with the only money needing to be spent on the car being for regular wear and tear items. The Japanese reliability has really shone through in this car.

One downside to the Mazda 323 1994-1998 is parts. If you do need a part they can be pretty hard to source, also quite costly. But the good thing is, the Mazda 323 1994-1998 model are so reliable that you hardly ever need to source major parts. And if you do, it’s pretty easy to find a Mazda 323 that’s being sold as spares or repairs in the UK, so you can get your desired parts for a much lower price.

The reason why this outstanding car is being mentioned on this website is it’s price! You can pick up a Mazda 323F 1994-1998 for anything as low as £400-500! For what your getting this is more than a bargain, it’s actually daylight robbery for the seller. This price applies to all engine sizes, 1.5, 1.8, and even the 2.0L V6 ZXi.

But if you want a well maintained Mazda 323, with full service history, look to spend £800 – £1200 and you can’t go wrong. If you can get one cheaper than that, your laughing. If you want a different looking car, with not many of them on the road, and with super reliability, the Mazda 323F 1994-1998 model is the car you should be looking at. A true gem of a car to drive and own.


Anonymous said...

Silver 323s are the nicest. I hope you agree. Greetings from Sweden.

Anonymous said...

if i was goona buy an older car it would be one of these

Anonymous said...

Looking for the Brochure or manual for 1995 Mazda 1.5cc

turn said...

only problem with these mazdas is the insurance groups. The 1500cc 5 door car is insurance group 7. Thats high for what what it is.

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