Autotrader Scammers Emails

At the moment I have been trying to sell my car. The obvious places to list the car online to try and get a quick sale are Auto trader and eBay. Well, my experience so far has not been a good one. I have had no problems with eBay except an almost zero response..I put this down to the current climate. People don’t want a big engine car at the moment with petrol prices being at an all time high.

And then there’s Auto trader. The only people interested in my car have all been scammers. The first time I had an email from one of these people I didn’t realise it was a scammer, so I replied to his email and sent some pictures of the inside of my car..His follow up email was something along the lines of “yes car looks nice and I’ll buy it right now for the asking price”. ” Only problem is, I’m at work and really busy etc”, so can only pay by Pay Pal, so if I could send my Pay-Pal details name and phone number he’ll buy the car ASAP and send someone to pick up the car in a few days.

Obviously I said no because it sounded very suspicious. I asked him why can’t he just come and buy the car after work, but he avoided answering the question. I told him I will only accept cash on collection of the car because Pay Pal does not protect the seller from charge backs. He tried for a little while longer to persuade me, saying things like “I can only pay by Pay Pal online..” I just said “Look mate, You’ll have to try that scam on someone else because it won’t work on me”. I never had a reply after that.

After doing some research on this scam I quickly found out that what they want is for you to accept their offer,they then claim that they have sent you the payment and an agent will be out soon to pick up the car – BUT the agent requires the princely sum of £800 up-front which YOU need to transfer via Western Union Money Wire Transfer. Needless to say, if you fall for this scam and wire the money, you will never hear from them again. Do not fall for these low lives.

Their scams are ridiculous, but some people do fall for them so that’s the reason of this post. People need to be aware of these fraudsters. If you get a suspicious email from anyone on Auto trader ALWAYS copy and paste the email address into the Google search bar and see what you come up with. Be careful though, it’s very easy to just make a new email address, so if you don’t get any results in Google don’t just trust that and think everything’s OK, they could still be scammers, just ones that are using a new email address that no one has wrote about yet. So always be on your guard.

Here are the ones that have tried to scam me:

Feel free to post yours so that others are aware.


Anonymous said...

autotrader is a joke for things like this

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