Pioneer TS-WX120A Underseat Subwoofer

Whether you're getting a bit too old for driving around with a boot that's basically a speaker box, or your just looking for a mini upgrade to your additional audio equipment, the small but fairly mighty Pioneer TS-WX120A Underseat Subwoofer makes an excellent little space-saving companion for enhancing your cars sound range and quality. It's fairly powerful for its size @ 150 Watts, very inconspicuous, and weighs under 4KG. It's compatible with many standard, and after-market car stereos.


The Pioneer TS-WX120A has a built-in MOSFET amplifier and comes with a wired remote control for easily adjusting the bass and frequency to your preference. In appearance, the TS-WX120A looks very similar to the many portable Bluetooth speakers that everyone seems to be going crazy for. The differences are that the WX120A is specifically made for a car.

There's always a work around if you wanted to use it for another purpose, such as in the home. But there are so many other bass units out there for sale that are purposely made for larger spaces, that it makes much more sense to go for something else that has been specifically made for home use.


Another difference between this and the portable Bluetooth devices is that this is a wired unit (not controlled via Bluetooth), and while small for a Subwoofer, it is bigger than most of the wireless examples for home / personal use. The dimensions of the Pioneer TS-WX120A unit are 28cm (length) x 7cm (depth) x 20cm (width). The aluminium coned internal speaker size is approximately 8" x 5". The small size makes it able to fit nicely under, or just behind the passenger seat of many different makes and models of vehicle, from small car to SUV.

I say just behind the seat because some users want to be more courteous to their passengers, as there is some feedback from buyers that when the bass is pumping, the vibrations through the car seat can be a bit of an annoyance for some passengers. You could also put this unit in the boot of the car, but it's not really packing enough power to be nearly as effective in the boot as it would be when located under the passenger seat, or somewhere else within the seating area of the car.

It's not a full-blown subwoofer, but a great little hideaway unit for adding extra depth and hitting some of the lower, and higher bass tones that many smaller speakers, especially when it comes to standard door speakers, can't really manage to reach. If you have no option but to put this the boot of your car, this would obviously lessen the effect and intensity of the Subs bass in the car. And for the money this costs, while not really expensive for what you get, you can pick up something much more powerful and substantial for the boot.

Even an old second-hand bass box would do the job, and will be much cheaper in price. But if you're past the stage of bass bins in the boot, have a newer car that already has a decent standard set-up, or just don't have the space anymore, the Pioneer TS-WX120A is an excellent mini woofer that, when placed somewhere in the main area of the car, definitely has enough power to provide a noticeable increase in both bass and overall sound depth. The sound is nicely balanced, not ridiculously overpowering.


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