Pumpkin Android 2-Din GPS Car Stereo

Car stereos don't just play music anymore, they are now Android based computer systems. With the Pumpkin CN01-03302B-02A (pictured) you get all the latest car technology. GPS, OBD2 compatibility, Bluetooth, DVD, WiFi, Parking sensor, HD video recording, and so much more. The Pumpkin 7.1 Android Nougat Double Din car stereo is basically an enhanced tablet that just happens to, most of the time fit perfectly into a 2-Din head unit space.

Check out the latest model (Android 11 with 4GB RAM)

This model is compatible with the following VAG car brands that are fitted with double din.  Those are, newer models of Volkswagon, SEAT and Skoda. To avoid disappointment make sure to check that this unit will work with your make / model before purchasing. You may need a universal (compatible with most) model stereo.


The majority of double din stereos like this (for the specified models of VAG cars) usually have a screen that measures seven inches or less. This one is 8 Inches, giving it that extra bit of screen visibility. If you're after the biggest screen available, one exception is a newly released 10.1" Universal model also offered by Pumpkin. The Ten Inch model can be successfully installed in many other car brands, including Toyota and Vauxhall. But dependant on model, may require an additional add-on for full functionality.

The Pumpkin (CN01-03302B-02A) also offers excellent pairing power to most Smartphones (Android or iOS based), and a very quick start-up time. Within a few seconds its ready for action.


This is the newer Pumpkin Android 7.1 Nougat head unit. The core specification is very impressive. A good quality 8 Inch 1024 x 600 touchscreen display, Quad Core Processor which is operating at 1.6GHz per core, 2GB RAM (DDR3), 32GB internal storage space (upgradable), Bluetooth, WiFi, USB Ports, SD card slot, All region DVD player, GPS, DVR, Full AV out, 3G compatible, Multi channel CAN BUS, individual Subwoofer output and controls.

And last but not least, a max 4 x 50W output. Supports playback for all the common file types. MP3. MP4, AVI, MKV, etc. There's also an older model which has an IPS screen (more sharper, viewable screen from all angles).

Playback and Features

Of course, if you're slightly old school like me, you'll be glad to know that it supports normal CDs and burned data discs full of music, as well as video. However, most people who buy a Pumpkin will just pair their Smartphone to the head unit via Bluetooth and play the music / video files directly through the stereo. Due to the internal storage and various options for adding more externally, you don't have to use your phone, and can store files directly on to the head units internal storage, memory card or USB stick.

Depending on the type of Smartphone, you can mirror link the phone to the stereo either by USB or WiFi. As well as that, you can also connect your Smartphone to the head unit via Bluetooth and have hands free enabled, giving the user the ability to make and receive calls from the unit itself.

With the correct adapter or App (dependant on car model) this Pumpkin head unit can display a whole host of useful car-related information. Including air conditioning info, how much petrol / diesel you have, warnings about seatbelts, open doors, and even information regarding the car battery. As mentioned above, it's also able to operate as a reverse parking sensor, but additional wiring will be required for this feature to work properly. For car / wire-savvy individuals this is not very difficult to carry out, and there's lot's of information about this procedure online if you get stuck.

It's really convenient that while waiting in your car for something / someone, this "stereo" gives you the option of being able to just stick a film or TV series on and watch it from a decent sized screen, and not have to sit there people watching or playing with your phone. Of course, get additional screens for the headrests so back seat passengers can also watch without leaning forward or straining their eyes, and everyone else can comfortably do the same.

Additional or Essential

All the features combined make this a great head unit for the price, but one of the best things about this device not yet mentioned is its Satellite Navigation (GPS) System. Online or Offline, it's excellent. The package itself doesn't come with a maps card. But thankfully, you can just go and download one of the many free Sat-Nav Apps and be up and running in no time. Navmii, Google Maps, MapFactor, etc, to name a few.

Although some of the following items may not be needed, due to most of the compatible car models having their own looms / connection cables ready to plug straight into the unit, the new (latest) Pumpkin 7.1 Android Nougat Double Din head unit for VAG cars comes with an impressive array of accessories.


GPS Antenna, connections for rear left right out and front left / right out, two video outs, subwoofer, external microphone + lead, Aux in connection, camera connection cable, radio adapters and USB cables. There's also a very handy WiFi aerial extension lead (1.5 meters in length) so that you have much more control and can choose the best location to pick up the strongest signal.


If you're looking for a good aftermarket 2-Din, with an impressive amount of options and features, where close to everything can be wired / programmed to work through, this unit is well worth considering. It's actually being sold at quite a cheap price for an aftermarket audio entertainment / control system that's as capable as this.

Support from Pumpkin is also superb. Many buyers who needed to send the item back, for whatever reason, have stated in their reviews that it was a very easy process, and that the staff were great to deal with. You never really know how good a company is until there's a problem, and Autopumpkin have always put the customer first. This is evident from the reviews and their 100% positive feedback score on Amazon. So that's an encouraging sign.


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