Another Tesla EV Goes Up In Smoke

Well, yet another Tesla electric car goes up in smoke just sitting there. The car, which was dropped at the Tesla dealership for a service / maintenance was parked up when it apparently burst into flames. This happened in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It's a good job that the person who owns the car took it in when they did and it was parked outside the dealership at the time it caught fire. Imagine this happening when the car was parked in their garage at home.

Flooding is a nightmare for electric vehicles. Lithium batteries are dangerous. They are prone to igniting without warning. There have been many reported cases. Add water into the mix and it makes things even more unpredictable. Also, once an EV catches fire, they take a huge amount of water to distinguish. Much more than a normal petrol or diesel car requires.

The temperatures lithium batteries burn at also far exceeds the temperatures reached in petrol and diesel vehicles that catch fire. Lithium batteries can burn @ up to 2,000 degrees Celsius. Making them even more dangerous is the fact that even when the fire has been put out in an electric car that uses lithium batteries, they are known to reignite again some time later.


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