Group 1 Insurance Cars List Used Cars

Here's a list of insurance group 1 cars that can be bought used. It's worth noting that if you perform a car insurance quote online for different insurance group 1 and insurance group 2 cars, you'll notice that in most cases there really isn't that much difference in price. There will most probably be no more than £20 - £30 difference. Got a used insurance group 1 car not on the list that you want to add. Post a comment.

Group 1 Insurance Cars List Used Cars

Skoda Fabia 1.2 Classic 5dr - 2003 and newer

Peugeot 107 1.0

Chevrolet Matiz 0.8L S

Fiat Seicento SX, Mia, S

Vauxhall Corsa 1.0L 12v

Fiat Panda 1000 CLX

Fiat Panda 1.1 Active 5dr

Volkswagen FOX 1.2

Citroen C2 1.1i

Citroen C1 1.0i

Toyota Aygo 1.0 VVT-i


Anonymous said...

Volkswagen FOX? reliable?

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