Emergency Car Jump Starter + Power Pack

You know an emergency car jump starter is good when you read through the reviews and see that there are people who work in the car industry, like mechanics and roadside assistance that are saying that the RAVPower 500A Vehicle Jump Starter is the product that they use on a daily basis.

So you can be confident that if or when you need to jump-start your car this product won't let you down. For the past few years Portable Car Jump Starters have been shrinking in size, and now in 2019 they are very small. Advancements in technology have allowed manufacturers to get them down in size so much that older generations can't actually believe that this little thing can jump-start their car.

The older generations remember the jumpers of the past that were almost the size of a shopping trolley. Even by today's standards, the RAVPower 500A Vehicle Jump Starter is one of the small ones. It's very easy to use, but just in case something does happen to go wrong, it has an in-built protection system that prevents any damage from occurring to the car battery or the portable jump starter itself. This jump starter will work with any car that uses a 12 volt battery and has under a 5 Litre engine.

 The RAVPower Jump Starter has two iSmart USB ports for the easy charging of many electronic devices. It has a massive 12,000 mAh built-in battery power pack, which is enough power to jump-start a car easily 10 times, and also charge your mobile phone and computer tablet and still have some power left. It also has a built-in LED torch to be used in an emergency situation or to provide a light source when jump starting the car at night.


Check out the new Guluman 800A Peak with a 16800mAh battery pack. Another feature of this product that is very useful, and one that you will definitely be thankful for if you ever need to use this item in an emergency situation is that the RAVPower Jump Starter comes complete with a car charger.

So if you're out on the road and access to a mains plug to give the RAV a charge is a no-go, you can just plug it into your cigarette lighter / auxiliary socket and recharge it. This is an excellent feature if you have been using the RAVPower power pack on the road to jump-start a few cars, charge a few phones, and now its low on power. Simple, just plug it in and charge it up to full power again.

The RAVPower 500A Vehicle Jump Starter with power bank comes complete with the RAVPower 500A unit, mains charger, cigarette lighter / auxiliary car charger, USB lead, how to use instructional manual, red + black crocodile clips / car battery connectors, and a neat little storage case. The RAVPower 500A Vehicle Jump Starter with power pack also comes with a free 18-month warranty.

It's quite cheap as well for a high quality jump starter, and makes a great safety investment. Looking for the number 1 best-selling car jump starter? Check out the 1byone portable car jump starter with power bank.

RAC635 Digital Car Tyre Pump / Inflator

The Ring RAC635 is one of the cheapest tyre inflators you can buy that offers this level of automation. All you have to do is screw the air hose connector on to your car wheel tyre valve, set the unit to your desired tyre pressure / PSI level by literally turning a knob that's on the front of the unit, pressing the power button (On), and that's all you need to do.

The Ring RAC635 compressor will pump up the tyre to the manual or pre-set PSI level you have chosen and then very conveniently automatically turn itself off once the task is complete. It's a fool-proof operation, and it's designed that way so that even drivers with limited or no knowledge about cars, especially when it comes to pumping up tyres, can independently carry out this procedure without a hitch.

The previous model Ring Tyre Inflator, the RAC610, also has the option to inflate tyres using similar automation. Although, the RAC635 is slightly easier to set due to the turning of just one dial. But in saying that, once a PSI is known they are both very easy to use because you can store (pre-set) a tyre pressure in the memory bank of the inflator so that it remembers it for next time.

The RAC 635 with digital read out. This model has a 3 minute average inflation time

Both models have won awards, and both are suitable for car tyres, motorbike tyres, and bicycle tyres. The two models are powered by your cars 12v DC cigarette lighter / auxiliary socket. And they each have a clear blue digital screen (although the 635's is bigger), extra attachments for pumping up other items like footballs, carry case, and built-in white and red LED lights. Red to be used for emergency / warning light and white for making pumping up tyres in the dark do-able without the need for another light source. The price difference between the two models is minimal.


The Ring RAC635 is the upgraded model and does have some slightly better features. It inflates tyres a little faster. From a tyre being completely deflated, up to 35PSI in less than 3 minutes. All cables are longer. The power cable is 3.5 meters and the air line is 70 centimeters. And the RAC635 comes with 3 extra attachments rather than two for the RAC600. The PSI limit of the RAC600 is stated as 100PSI. However, as written about already in the RAC600 review on this website, that limit is slightly exaggerated. The RAC635 has a maximum PSI level of 80 PSI, but that is considered by most to be a more accurate representation of the products compression limit.


Reviewers have left comments stating that this item has inflated to 65 - 70+ PSI without a problem. One thing to be aware of if inflating 1 + tyres from flat in the same sitting is the depletion of power it may have on your car's battery. To not end up with a flat car battery its recommended that you use the  Ring RAC635 tyre inflator while the car's engine is running to prevent any issues with a flat battery arising.

Sealey VS166 Spring Hose Pliers

Have you ever tried to do some work on your car (such as replacing a heater valve), without having the right tools at hand, that involves loosening or removing spring hose clips. It can be really hard work when all you have at hand is a normal pair of pliers. I went through this myself once when replacing a Sealey VS166 Spring Hose Clip Pliers (Pictured below) are a great little companion.


They will work on most small to medium-sized hose clips of light to medium pressure that are of either the tag or wire variety. The Sealey VS166 Pliers also have a ratchet feature which enables the user to lock the pliers in place with the hose loosened in order to be able to move the hose clips around or totally remove them if necessary.

If you are just looking to buy a pair of hose clip pliers to use just once now and again and don't want to spend much money then the Sealey VS166 makes a good purchase. However, for higher pressure clips a more heavy-duty tool should be considered. A more durable tool would be much more suitable for higher pressure clips.


If you want a tool that can do it all, both small and big, and you want something that's excellent quality and going to last a long time, the Draper 89793 Remote Hose Clip Pliers are one of the best pairs available for the money (Pictured above). The Sealey VS166 are decent, but the Draper 89793 pliers are heavy-duty and can remove any car hose clip with ease.

They also have the locking mechanism which locks in place while the hose clip remains open for easy adjustment or removal. The remote design of the Draper 89793 makes it super easy for getting to hose clips in those hard to reach areas, like coolant hose clips. An excellent tool.

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