Sealey VS166 Spring Hose Pliers

Have you ever tried to do some work on your car (such as replacing a heater valve), without having the right tools at hand, that involves loosening or removing spring hose clips. It can be really hard work when all you have at hand is a normal pair of pliers. I went through this myself once when replacing a Sealey VS166 Spring Hose Clip Pliers (Pictured below) are a great little companion.

Buy the Sealey VS166 Spring Hose Pliers

They will work on most small to medium-sized hose clips of light to medium pressure that are of either the tag or wire variety. The Sealey VS166 Pliers also have a ratchet feature which enables the user to lock the pliers in place with the hose loosened in order to be able to move the hose clips around or totally remove them if necessary.

If you are just looking to buy a pair of hose clip pliers to use just once now and again and don't want to spend much money then the Sealey VS166 makes a good purchase. However, for higher pressure clips a more heavy-duty tool should be considered. A more durable tool would be much more suitable for higher pressure clips.


If you want a tool that can do it all, both small and big, and you want something that's excellent quality and going to last a long time, the Draper 89793 Remote Hose Clip Pliers are one of the best pairs available for the money (Pictured above). The Sealey VS166 are decent, but the Draper 89793 pliers are heavy-duty and can remove any car hose clip with ease.

They also have the locking mechanism which locks in place while the hose clip remains open for easy adjustment or removal. The remote design of the Draper 89793 makes it super easy for getting to hose clips in those hard to reach areas, like coolant hose clips. An excellent tool.


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