12V / 24V Car Aux Battery Tester

This 12V 24V Car Cigarette Lighter Battery Voltage Meter Tester is a great little gadget that is very useful to have handy all year round, but essential to have in the winter time. More car battery's fail in the winter than at any other time in the year. A healthy battery that holds its charge like it should, has much less chance of letting you down. That's why its wise to keep an eye on its voltage reading.

This isn't really something that needs to be done on a daily basis, unless you are already experiencing battery / electrical issues, but a check every now and again is definitely a must, or should-do procedure to prevent from being caught out. If you leave your car sitting for long periods without being started or driven you should check the battery voltage more regularly. Also, if you've bought a used car and you are not aware of when the battery was last replaced it would be wise to check the car battery quite regularly in that situation. This item makes it cheap and easy to do so.

Some people prefer to check their car battery more than others. The good thing about this 12v 24v Digital Car Battery Voltage Meter Tester is that it makes checking your battery voltage level an extremely easy task to perform. Checking the battery voltage daily with this item is no problem. It's as easy as just plugging the meter into the Cigarette Lighter / auxiliary and looking at the digital screen for a reading.

What voltage reading means the car battery is OK? Anything from 12V -12.6V (When the car is not running) is considered a healthy battery. The reading will be higher if you check the battery when the car is running. That's normal.

There are many other products on the market that are more expensive. Some similar to this one that use the Cigarette Lighter / auxiliary and some where you have to pop the bonnet and attach the item / clips to the car battery. Some of these types of testers, like the Sealey 6V/12V Battery Drop Tester, are definitely better made and do have a few advantages.

One is that they can be used to check any car battery, whether it's inside a car or sitting on the work bench in your garage. But, if you're someone who just wants to check your own, already installed, car battery from the comfort of your car (No messing about under the bonnet etc) then this item is perfect. And this low price point, it makes this item such a great bargain. The customer reviews are mostly positive.

A very inexpensive way to test your car battery. You could spend more money on a more expensive, high quality item but this one is an excellent cheap alternative that does the job very well. Another superb item well worth keeping in your car just in case of an emergency (Car won't start due to a dead battery) is a portable car jump starter. Check out the 1byone Portable Car Jump Starter with power bank review post on this website.


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