Dog Ramps For Cars / SUVs

I never even knew that dog ramps existed until a few weeks ago. I discovered them by accident while I was looking at different types of car servicing ramps. And wow, there are so many different types to choose from. There are dog ramps that look like a kids mini slide, some that fold up, steps / stairs, and even some that are telescopic. Materials are varied too. Wooden, hardened plastic and metal examples are all available. All of them are "anti-slip". I would hope so too! With such an extensive range of different designs and styles, as you might expect, the price ranges are just as extensive.

One of the better cheaper ramps. By DogHealth

Dog ramps for cars / SUVs start at around £15 and go right up to £150 for, supposedly, the Rolls Royce of dog ramps. But to be honest, most of the very expensive ones (£100+) don't actually seem worth the money. Or shall I say, they don't appear to be much different to the ramps that cost half the price. And funnily enough, with a few exceptions, the reviews for the cheaper ramps are actually better than the reviews for the more expensive ones.

Car Dog Ramp - Do I really need one?


Do you really need one for your dog(s). Well, if your dog is old, or disabled, then you would be a considerate soul if you spent some of your hard-earned money to help your old pal out. When dogs get older and slow down a bit, it's not easy on the joints and muscles to jump in and out of the boot of a car / SUV, either after or before a long walk. And needless to say, if your dog is disabled, they need all the help they can get to make their lives that little bit more comfortable.

Of course, you could still always pick your pet up and place them in the back of the car, or get them out. But if you're wearing nice clothes and the dog is dirty and / or wet, it's much more convenient to let the ramp be on the receiving end. And what if the pet owner is old or themselves disabled. Furthermore, what if the dog(s) are huge, like a Bullmastiff, Rottweiler or Great Dane. So, all things considered, these ramps definitely have their place. And you can buy a good quality one fairly cheap if you do your research.


Make Your Own


However, as their design is so simple to replicate, you could always build your own if you like to make things. I mean, some of the wooden ramps, as nice as they are, appear very similar to some wooden fencing that folds in half. Same with the plastic ones. Tough plastic covered with a layer of short tough fabric on the surface (anti-slip) and it folds in half for easy storage. The metal telescopic models would be the most difficult to build. Seen some great ones being sold by Solvit. They are selling both a metal Deluxe and an extra-large model ramp (for heavier dogs) of a similar design. Both of them are not cheap but do have great reviews.


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