Bell Car Insurance: Covid-19 Discount

Bell Car Insurance: Covid-19. I've been in contact with Bell Car Insurance to see if they are going to be offering their customers some financial help during this uncertain time. I mean, many people have lost their jobs, others are working from home, and some are on a reduced wage. The rest have no other option but to go and claim benefits. With lockdown due to Coronavirus the way it is, and with it not looking to end for some time yet, almost everyone is stuck at home for most of the day. So no one is using their vehicle as much as they normally would.


Add to that the Economy has basically shut down, and you would think car insurance companies would see sense rather than dollar signs and offer some much-needed assistance. But no. Bell Car Insurance have confirmed that as of this time (10th April 2020), there has been no update for a "temporary payment suspend" and monthly instalments remain the same. So there you have it, just a nicer way of saying no.

Bell is part of the Admiral Group, so if Bell are not offering any help with payments through this time, it's fairly certain that no other car insurance company that are part of the Admiral Group (Admiral, Bell, Diamond and will be either.

Sad really, because a reduced rate should be offered to all vehicle owners, regardless of what insurance company they do business with. However, there is some good news. All MOT expiry dates (Expiring after March 30th I believe) in the UK have been extended by six months. Car tax is remaining the same at this time, but there is a chance that the longer this lockdown lasts, the more likely we could possibly see that change.


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