Renault Master Van Fuel Cap Release

How To: Open a Renault Master Fuel Cap. If you've recently got access to a Renault Master Van through your work or some other means, chances are you may be unfamiliar with some of the simple differences this van offers. One of those being the fuel cap release. Where is it? Well, unlike many vans, which have some type of fuel cap lock or release button in the cabin / dashboard, Renault have done things differently with the Master.


With the Master there is no release button. The lock of the fuel flap / cap is actually the lip of the fuel cap and drivers door. When the driver's door is opened the fuel flap can be opened and the cap is able to be removed. Still unsure? See the picture above for the exact location. This is the same for both types of Renault Master, hard sided and curtainsider.


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