California USA Is Big On Electric Cars

Electric cars are taking over the automobile industry and transforming transport worldwide. These cars are powered by battery systems and run on renewable energy sources such as hydrogen or batteries. Many countries and states have made switching to electric cars the norm. The ones that haven't yet are trying to. One of these states is California, which has a high number of Tesla cars sold compared to other states. The state’s reason for having so many electric cars is due to the clean energy source used by these vehicles and the premium paid for these vehicles by consumers.


Tesla uses rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs to power its electric vehicles; this, supposedly, reduces the amount of CO2 emissions produced by vehicle production. Some reports disagree. It also reduces fuel consumption. In addition, the company sells its cars at a premium compared to other auto brands because it produces fewer vehicles and owns its own factories— which increases efficiency. Shame this doesn't appear to translate into more overall reliability compared to other, non electric luxury car brands around the same price.

However, this makes it possible for Tesla to produce more electric cars than there are currently owned; this results in more sales and more buyers purchasing a Tesla car. Other auto manufacturers that produce hybrid or electric vehicles also produce fewer units than there are owned but they cannot increase sales unless they reduce costs and prices of their models in favor of consumers.


The cost of owning a Tesla car is significantly higher than that of other cars in the industry due to proprietary technology used in manufacturing its vehicles as well as due to supporting renewable energy systems for powering its cars. In addition, owning a Tesla car requires an owner who is tech-savvy enough to operate their vehicle without difficulties— this includes having access to charging stations and knowing how to charge their car’s battery pack at home or at work. And, of course, knowing about the safety features of the car, which are of key importance should an accident happen.

Due to the clean energy system used by a Tesla car, owners can drive longer distances on less charge than they would with a regular gasoline-powered vehicle without damaging their car’s battery pack or setting off government pollution inspection systems.

California is one of the top markets for Teslas sold as it provides favorable laws for regulating transportation using electric vehicles as well as charging infrastructure for these vehicles. In addition, residents in this state can afford luxury transportation without impacting their finances due to price premiums offered by Tesla owners compared to non-owners. 

Furthermore, some cities in California are trying to ban gas stations that supply gasoline-powered automobiles [petrol and diesel] due to "climate change" and since there are so many clean energy-powered auto alternatives available today. This is wrong in my opinion. Electric cars are very expensive, so most people will either have to get themselves into debt to have access to an electric vehicle, via finance or bank loan, or be restricted to relying on public transport. 

Based on factors such as production methods, price, charging methods and alternative energy sources used, California has many more Teslas sold compared with other states that have greater numbers of electric cars available today. Additionally, given that some cities worldwide are trying to ban gasoline-powered autos entirely from certain areas due to health concerns [Washington USA, Oslo Norway,  Madrid Spain, Milan Italy and many other European cities] related to engine exhausts causing air pollution, we can see how favorable public opinion has made California a hotspot for electric car ownership.


Anonymous said...

Good artice. But I hate all these lies about climate change. Does it even exist. I have researched it extensively and found that it has no substance at all. The opinions of the public are formed largely on propaganda pushed out by the main stream media and pressure from politicial figures to pass laws which ultimately take away more rights and freedom of the people.

In turn, the politicians are paid or blackmailed into pushing certain agendas for the elites who are hell bent on total control of the world and all its inhabitants. A big part of that will be through digital enslavement. This is no conspiracy theory. Take a look around, its everywhere already, and its only going to get worse. Cars and the ability to travel plays a huge part also.

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