Cheap 2 Tonne Swivel Head Car Jack

2 Tonne Scissor Car Jack (In red) with a convenient swivel head. Two Tonne weight capacity makes this jack more than capable to be able to handle the load from most cars the fall within the hatchback, saloon, estate, and even bigger sized vehicles without any problem what so ever.


A BMW X5 is listed as OK for this jack to be able to safely jack up. But you should probably check first on the manufacturer's website / forums for any vehicle that's similar to an X5 in size and weight just to be on the safe side because some (most) BMW X5's weigh in excess of 2 Tonnes.

And although you will only be jacking up one side, it's better to be safe and buy a more suitable, higher maximum weight limit (3 Ton) jack. Trolley / Hydraulic etc. However, for all cars smaller and lighter this is an excellent Scissor jack. The price is very affordable.

Take into consideration that a car jack is not the cheapest / lightest item to post and it works out that you are basically paying a tenner for this jack, and that is a really good bargain for a 2 Tonne jack. The jacking height of this Scissor Car Jack starts at 4.5 Inches and goes up to a maximum jacking height of just under 16 Inches. You also get a free key ring with this jack.


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