Portable Jump Starter For a 3 Litre Car

Portable jump starter for a 3 litre car. The Anypro 600A Portable Jump Starter has been mentioned on a previous post on this website. New models are now available, and it looks like some of the the newer products have close to the same battery capacity and has an excellent review score. A lot of people need that extra power due to owning bigger vehicles like large litre diesel cars, vans, and even small to medium sized motor homes. And to take out the guess-work and have peace of mind it does make sense to just buy one of the most powerful jump starters that also has excellent customer feedback and be done with it.

Portable Jump Starter For a 3 Litre Car
The Anypro 600A gives the peace of mind that comes with having something with such power that, as long as it has some power left (a quarter of its power pack capacity) in most cases there isn't any question of "Will it jump-start the car", but rather, when do I need to use it to start the car. This is one of the more heavy-duty jump starters. The Anypro can easily jump-start a 3 Litre car / vehicle. I'm actually selling it short a little just to be on the safe side. In fact, the Anypro (HP-1501) 600A can start a 3.5 Litre Diesel engine, or up to a 5 Litre petrol vehicle. It's an excellent unit.

The good thing about these type of products is, even though some have better reviews, better build quality, and have different car starting capabilities, peak power etc, they are all within the same price range. They mostly all have a normal white torch-light and an emergency red / orange SOS light, and come complete with many accessories.


Of course, they also have the built-in power pack that is capable of not only starting your car numerous times, but also charging electrical devices like mobile phones, hand-held gaming units, Tablets and Laptops (Has two USB ports - 12V 1A In + 19V 3.5A Out). The Anypro comes with many different adapters included for this purpose and the battery capacity (Power pack) is big at 15000mAh.

Right now, this is one of the best jump starters when you consider the price versus its sheer power and versatility. People don't just buy these units to start cars and vans. A lot of people also buy them for things like festivals, taking camping, or keeping in the caravan or car as a backup power source. A really impressive product for the money you pay.


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