Gender Change To Save On Car Insurance

That is exactly what one male did. And guess what, he managed to save well over £500 on his car insurance. The man, from Canada, got a quote for a new car that was through the roof. Not happy, he asked how much the insurance would be if he was a woman, and was surprised to discover that it was much cheaper than he had been quoted for being a male.

But it should be noted that the man's driving record wasn't 100% clean. He did have a few blemishes in the form of a small collision and a few speeding fines. So these past issues may have been part of the reason why his insurance was quoted so highly. But that doesn't change the Canadian car insurance price increase for younger males.

women driver cheaper insurance

You see, in Canada, if you are a man under the age of 25, the laws are that car insurance premiums are more expensive because a greater number of collisions take place among people who are of that age group. This is fair enough. Even in the UK, younger drivers are responsible for a big majority of accidents that could have been avoided.

But should there be a difference whether a person is male or female to determine how much they should pay? Well, if it is Canadian males that cause most of the crashes in this age group, then perhaps it should be a bit more expensive. However, that does tarnish all the good male drivers who are under 25 years old that have never been in an accident and are careful drivers. So really the premium should be worked out on an individual basis.

And to some extent, although still extortionate and suspiciously (and secretly) discriminatory (just take a look at some of the story's out there of - example: "James" changing his name to "Mohammed" and getting £1,000 put on his premium), in the UK it generally is worked out on a person to person basis. But Canada do things a little different. It's going to cost "David" more money, so he opted to legally change over to being female.

Gender Change - Time for the Chop then?

Well, thankfully no, he didn't have to take things that far. There's a bit of a glitch in the Matrix here. You see, all this man (David) had to do was change over to being a woman on paper. He did not have to have to go under the knife. A quick visit to the doctor and a chat about he now wants to be a female, and that was the starting process to getting himself legally "changed" over to becoming a woman. On paper at least.

After completing the required paperwork he now has a new Birth Certificate and driving license of "himself" as a "Woman". I'm not sure what name he chose, but I doubt he is still called David. The extreme lengths some people will go to save some money!

David was 24 years old at the time. Should he have just waited until he reached 26, and in the meantime made do with a smaller engined car that was cheaper to insure, or did he make the right choice and get one over on the greedy car insurance industry. I supposed he can always change his mind and become a male on paper again once he reaches over the age of 25. Got an opinion on this story. Comment below.


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