5 Small Cars That Are Cheap To Insure

Cars have made traveling much easier. We can now travel far distances in a short time thanks to these incredibly convenient inventions that so many seem to take for granted these days. While the ever-evolving enhancements being made on cars are improving the comfort and safety of our travels, cars are also becoming more expensive to keep on the road. Tax, Insurance, MOT, fuel, and their parts can be pretty expensive too.

one of the smallest cars in the world UK

Don’t worry too much though, this list of 5 small UK cars with cheap insurance costs (another list here) will help keep the price of motoring down a bit. Among other things, increasing your no claims bonus should help lower your insurance premiums further.

Nissan Micra

The newer models of Nissan Micra have various litres of turbocharged engines available and a sharp, sporty design. No more bubbly ladybird body for the Micra. It is one of the best mini cars available at a very decent price. It has engines that sit within the 70 – 89 bhp range that have been proven to give a respectable amount mileage per gallon, especially the smaller engined examples. 104 Nm of torque is produced by the Micra with an engine displacement of 1198 cc. Go for one of the lower CC petrol or diesel models and the insurance is very cheap. Good safety features are also present in the new Micras.

Hyundai i10

The Hyundai i10 is a combination of great value for money, style and comfort. This model of Hyundai is one of the smallest made by the company, but owning it could make you come to the conclusion that you do not need anything else. Just like many owner reviews have stated. The i10 is a tidy small car with a small engine, good safety score, and its reliable. It sits in 6th place out of the top 100 UK cars on reliabilityindex.com. Add to that the cheap insurance brackets throughout the range and the i10 is a very smart choice.

Toyota Yaris - Best Choice*

Another small car that is affordable and reliable, Toyota Yaris gives you a quality drive. I should know, I've owned several over the years. Although they have been older models, so the "best choice" is rather bias. However, they have an excellent track record and are capable of high mileage.

Some of the newer models comes with a hybrid option. This model has an engine that is efficient enough to provide you 209 bhp. I believe it is the only mini car that really stands out in the market place with a petrol-electric engine. Although, bear in mind that a car with 209 BHP is not going to be the cheapest to insure. However, there are many new-shape Yaris' (1.0L - 1.2L) that are situated in much lower insurance groups. And the Toyota brand overall is still well up there at the top of the reliability ratings.

Ford Ka+

Looking more like a lean mini Fiesta than an old shaped KA, this is a small city car that gives some good competition to all the mini cars in the market. While it is a budget car, it comes with some great features, such as auto start - stop (turns the engine off automatically when car is stationary), SYNC 3 (voice controlled technology for Smartphones, stereo, etc) and lots of cutting edge built-in safety equipment. It gives you a smooth ride and is easy to handle. Most models of KA+ are cheap to insure.

Volkswagen Polo

The Volkswagen Polo is the perfect example of a sophisticated small car. It is one of the classiest minicars sold in the UK. It gives strong competition to all small premium cars. Looking more like a Golf, the Polo is deceptively spacious. The 2019 model has been given the top prize by WhatCar? as the best small car of the year. Although only available with 5 doors, so not one of the smallest on this list, the potentially low insurance groups, super smart technology, and high level safety features definitely makes it worthy to be on this list.


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