New Toyota Supra 2019 / 2020 Price

The 2020 GR (Gazoo Racing) 6-Cylinder, 8 speed auto (RWD) Toyota SUPRA is very much a BMW Z4 in disguise. It's shape looks quite similar, and if that wasn't enough it even has the same engine, the 3 Litre Twin Turbo (335BHP). It's a somewhat clever mix of German / Japanese engineering. Although some people, most notably fans of old school Japanese cars would have preferred a new Supra that was, well, more Japanese. Anyway, what is the release date in the UK? Well it seems there isn't an "official" release date.


Everywhere just says the same thing: The end of summer 2019. That's right about now then. Prices start from around $50,000 Dollars, so convert that to UK currency, and add a few more thousand pounds (as the US Vs UK price never remains equal when sold overseas) and that's roughly the cost if buying in the UK (Around £52K for the standard spec model). There are 3 models to choose from. The most sought after is the limited edition A90. This model has the highest spec (all engines are the same throughout the 3 different models) and is expected to cost a little over £55,000 (GBP).

Toyota Supra GR 2020 Review - How it drives 

Interested in buying one? Don't get your hopes up. The nine hundred new 2020 GR (Gazoo Racing) Toyota SUPRA's destined for the UK and Europe have apparently all been reserved, which essentially means sold. However, Toyota are opening their books again soon to take the new orders for 2020. So if you want to buy the new Toyota SUPRA be sure to act fast, as demand is extremely high.


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