EVs Dead In The Cold Weather

By now most people who have either owned an electric vehicle or done some research on them know all about how terribly unreliable they can be in cold weather. Limited travel range, overall battery drainage and massive charging issues when the temperatures drop. They are simply not fit for purpose. And when considering how dangerous these problems can be out there on the road in real-time, as well as all the other safety issues with electric vehicles not cold weather related, it's a no brainer.  Do not waste your hard earned money on one of these potential death traps. But that's enough from me, watch the video below by MGUY Australia for a quick and informative overview of what to expect from an EV in minus temperatures.

Some comments from the video

Architect here. The added danger of EVs catching fire and being nearly impossible to put out has not gone unnoticed. Building codes are looking at restricting the number of EVs allowed in parking garages and building fire enclosures around the charging area.
What a pain. Why would anyone want to inflict EV ownership on their lives? Isn't life challenging enough already?
They say to keep the EV battery last longer, you can only charge to 70% capacity, now in cold winter, you must keep that for at least 20-30% before next charge. It means that you can only have 40-50% of the capacity for the winter, and most of the capacity will be drained by heating rather than mileage. Current EVs are not for cold places for sure.


Anonymous said...

"Don't worry if your EV dies in a snowstorm. It will probably catch fire, so you'll be ok in the cold." lol

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