5 Of The Best Cheap Insurance Cars

With car insurance being one of the most expensive costs you incur when running a car it's important that you try and get covered for as cheap as possible. Cheap insurance cars usually all have one thing in common, a small engine. This means they are not the fastest thing on the road but in most cases they are very fuel efficient. With the way the economy is right now things are pretty unpredictable so it makes sense to have a small car that's cheap to run and cheap to insure. Obviously, the cost of a persons Insurance is not only about the car. Although a low insurance group car certainly helps. There is a long list of other factors that are taken into consideration.

Some of the most important are things like does the driver have any penalty points on their license, does the car have modifications, where's the car parked overnight, do you use the car at peak times, and the age of the driver. Of course, accidents and no claims bonuses are also top of the list. One factor that some people might not be aware is of importance is what type of job you have. Here's what the insurance industry does. Let's say that you are an office worker, and within the year office workers have been involved in a high number of accidents or claims. As a result of those statistics your insurance price would be higher if you were in the market for new car insurance because they then see office workers as a higher risk. Very unfair.

Believe it or not, if you are unemployed your car insurance will cost more. This is because they think that being unemployed means you will be driving your car more throughout the day. It's a bit sad really because if someones unemployed they usually have less money to spend on car insurance, not more.

In order of lowest Insurance group first here are 5 of the best little cars that are cheap on Insurance. The choices were also made with reliability in mind. It's no use having a car that's super cheap to insure but is always in the garage being repaired costing you a fortune. All cars mentioned here are the older models which are very cheap to buy.

5 Of The Best Cheap Insurance Cars

Vauxhall Corsa 1.0L 12v 

Very cheap to buy, good on petrol, reasonably reliable, and the cheapest you are going to find to insure being insurance group 1. The 1.2L versions are mostly insurance group 2 so still very cheap to insure.

Toyota Yaris 1.0L

Great on petrol, very reliable, and very cheap to insure being only Insurance Group 2. *Best Choice*

Seat Arosa 1.0 MPi 

Insurance group 2, great little reliable city car. Excellent on petrol returning around 50mpg. You don't see that many of these cars on the road all that often so a good choice if you want something a bit different from what everyone else is driving.

Ford KA 1.3 

Apart from the rust issues Ford KA's are great little cars. There engines are really reliable and they are pretty good in terms of petrol consumption. 1.3 Ford KA's are an insurance group 2 so cheap to insure.

Nissan Micra 1.0L 

The ugly duckling of the bunch, with close to zero street cred. But make no mistake about it, Nissan Micra's are basically bomb proof. Their reliability is only rivalled by some of the old Honda's and Toyota's. And some of the newer ones! Nissan Micra's are very cheap to buy and maintain. Also cheap to Insure at insurance group 3. Definitely a smart choice for new drivers.


Anonymous said...

What are the cheapest car insurance companies for young drivers without no claims?

Green said...

Cheapest doesn't always mean the best. Just perform a quote on Confused.com You will get back the cheapest results. Asda - eCar and Tesco should return quite cheap results.

Anonymous said...

im skint so good choices

Anonymous said...

This isn't the best place for this post. I just want to make anyone reading this aware. Be careful with ASDA insurance thats all I'll say. Looks cheap. Looks are deceiving.

texx said...

Ford Fiesta good motor cheap to run

Anonymous said...

Micra best run around

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