Cheaper Car Body Repairs In Birmingham

Hopefully you never need to get your cars body repaired. But, seeing that you've ended up on this particular post, chances are that you're probably looking for information about car body repairs in Birmingham. Well, let me just give you the bad news first. Wherever you are in the UK, Birmingham, London, Manchester or anywhere else, it is expensive. I've recently had some really bad luck with cars.


Within one month two of my cars have been crashed into while parked. One, a Yaris, had to be written off, and the new one, a Hyundai Getz Sport, needed a new front wing. From looking at the damage (In the picture above), I thought the dented, slightly crumpled panel wasn't that bad and could be pulled out quite easily by a professional. I was wrong. Every place I took the car to said the same thing, in no uncertain terms, and without any hesitation, the whole wing needed to be replaced.


Some of the prices (Quotes) I got were almost unbelievable. One was so expensive that it actually would have cost more than I paid for the car! Other quotes I got back, although not as much as that one, were still expensive (£350+). This seemed extortionate for what needed replacing. For a lot of these types of jobs, most of the money a repair shop charge seems to be for the labour. In my case, the non-OEM front wing for my car costs £25 - £30.

Out with the old

The journey to finding that part and getting it fitted gave me a little insight into the world of car body repairs. In terms of having it's fair share of shady geezers like you get in the used car industry, the car body repair business seems very similar. You have to be pretty careful who you get to complete the work. Just have a browse online and you will read some serious horror stories.

Everything from the part not being fitted properly, to the part colour not matching the rest of the car, and even cars being returned to their owners more damaged than what they went in the garage! Some of the nightmare story's I have read weren't all from back street garages either. A majority were from supposedly reputable, well-known company's. I'll mention no names.

All sorted

Thankfully, I got lucky. I managed to stumble across a place that doesn't do much in the way of advertising or getting their name out there. But they should because they done a great job with my car. And they beat all the previous quotes by a considerable amount of money.

 No signs of a bump

Hopefully I never have to get any more bodywork done in the future, but if I do my first point of call will be Walmley Auto Repair. They are located at Unit 3, Warwick House Industrial Estate, Forge Lane, Minworth, B76 1AH. If you're in the Birmingham area and need some bodywork doing give them a call and get a free quote. Ring Paul on: 07496748888. Tell them Car Auto sent you.


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