RoyPow J18 Car Jump Starter

RoyPow J18 Car Jump Starter

New Model Available - NOCO Boost

There seems to be no end as to where the limit is reached when it comes to Car Jump Starters. Every month there is a new, more powerful product hitting the shelves that blows everyone away with its sheer brute force ability to start seriously big engines. Over the years there have been some highly rated jump starters. Most of the more powerful ones are huge. But some portable examples are still very capable.

The RoyPow is a little different however. Yes, it is one of the most powerful to hit the shops so far, but it also has some new design features that not many of its potential competitors can boast about having. This product is super tough. The RoyPow J18 is kitted out with IP66 Protection. That means it's a bit like the Terminator, extremely hard to kill! With IP66 you get a product that is built to last and can withstand considerable punishment. It's waterproof, dust proof and shockproof. The casing is very robust.

RoyPow J18 Car Jump Starter

 New NOCO Model Available 

Aside from that, got a car, van or truck with a humongous engine? This is the Jump Starter you need. It is capable of starting literally any car, and most bigger vehicles. RoyPow state that it will start-up to an 8 Litre petrol engine and a 5 Litre Diesel. So, this product even falls into motor home turf. Needless to say, if you've got a 2.5 Litre Diesel Van, or something like a gas guzzling 4.0 Litre Jaguar XK8, this jumper will be able to start it with no problem what so ever.

Of course, with all portable jump starters these days, they can charge and power other electrical items too. Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Mini Vacuums etc. In fact, anything that has a compatible connection (USB - auxiliary socket etc) They don't just help start cars anymore! Like the reviews for the DBPOWER 1200A Portable Car Jump Starter prove. People take them everywhere, especially camping.

 Other impressive features include a bright, versatile lighting system, which can act as emergency lighting if you find yourself with a flat tyre or stuck in the middle of nowhere with a car that won't start. Or just offer a much-needed light source for a variety of different situations. The lights have 3 different colours (Red, White and Green), and three different modes of operation, Torch, SOS and intermittent flashing.

The RoyPow J18 also boasts a very fast charge time (Smart Ai) compared to other models. To top it off, it also has some all important safety features built-in to the device. Spark protection and short-circuit prevention.

The package comes in a nice little storage bag with a multitude of accessories. Cigarette lighter to USB converter, mains plug with USB connections, 3 in 1 connector to USB, and a few different sized USB cables (mini, micro etc). This product does cost a little more to buy, but it is one of the best out there right now. Reviews are excellent. Looking for something more heavy duty? Take a look at the Clarke 4000 - Review here.


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